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VW Golf GTI - Tracey Skinner

Entered for the November 2008 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Tracey Skinner

Make: VW

Model: Golf GTI

Year: 1990

Viewed: 6104 times.

Votes/Comments: 109

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I have owned this car since April of this year it was in a sad sorry state. the car has been clayed twice then 3 coats of Dodo Juice Purple Haze has been applied every 2 weeks.

I apply the first coat out of direct sunlight leave it for half an hour buff off leave it again for an hour before applying the second coat and the same again for the third coat. I have not machine polished the car at all it is all done by hand and takes around 5 hours

Comments from Voters

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  • Looks superb!

  • gorgeous car all that effort is worth it to see it looking that good

  • very nice,lol you can do mine if you want.

  • its beautiful, one up the golf

  • you should be on owners club - show her off - lovely example

  • I love MkII's and yours is a minter!!!

  • a stunning example

  • Beautiful!

  • Lovely car! Such a nice finish.

  • Can't beat a good dub

  • Nice bug

  • as beautiful as it is powerful

  • second every single comment made

  • dodo juice ftw

  • go go golf

  • yep that cool alright

  • Mk2 FTW

  • Lovely car

  • rub a dub dub

  • great

  • Very nice, Praise the Lowered!

  • boss motor!!!

  • Lovely looking car

  • Awesome car

  • Absolutely beautiful - can't get better than a MK2 Golf. Good luck! Becca :)

  • Tis a lovely car, good work.

  • Lovely looking motor! Nothing better than a golf gti.. nice work

  • Beautiful - Raven! (tehehe)

  • Beautiful Car! - TheRaven

  • Spot on!

  • lady, u dub outta love, peace out ;}

  • check that out, dub love is worldwide, in the fold bro

  • I would like to relay my congratulations on this car ;0)

  • very cool indeed, there is no better car than a golf GTI

  • clean and spanking defo the cleanest cool car of the bunch

  • golf wow gti brilliant

  • dude that rocks my socks

  • I'm loopy about this car

  • NICE A ++++++++++ go to the top of the class!!

  • kool seriously

  • blimey thats a fine motor

  • great looking car, i valet for a living and i would be chuffed

  • yes a truely outstanding car

  • nice ride dude go for it

  • oh yes stunning

  • mmmm just look at that shine

  • smashing car


  • nothing fake about this car, spotless, alloys look coolest

  • your must ache big time, come round and do mine ;0)

  • hot like chilli peppers, words fail me too

  • this is top of the pops it rocks

  • words fail so so FAB its the ULTIMATE for sure

  • amazing pure and simple

  • I've seen a lot of cars, but this is something else, ICON woohoo

  • way cleaner and totally minted, credit to ya

  • what a uber awsome ride

  • I'd love to own this car, must be your pride and joy

  • that car rocks

  • cool man cool

  • mate thats cool bean :0)

  • wow eee what a machine, can't believe you dont machine polish to get a shine like that wow

  • super

  • now thats something special. top dog

  • dream car

  • mmmmmm tasty

  • its all in the love man, rock on

  • dude thats a special mota

  • muchio coolio

  • sweet

  • slick

  • style class and power all wrapped up in a glossy coat mmmmm

  • Dubz gotta love em

  • A fine example, WITH THE ULTIMATE FINISH

  • proper car properly looked after proper paint, not like the soft stuff of today!

  • mintage!

  • one of the greatest cars ever produced, often copied never beaten

  • very awsome car, lovely nick too, i'm liking very much

  • thats megga hot

  • fab car, nice colour, great 90's spec its a winner in my book

  • Very nice car, glossy shine

  • sexy gti - the best gti by far! this one for the win

  • pure class, that paint works like glass!

  • sublime finish on a classic car

  • a real treat to see such a lovely car, this car should win

  • lovin that dub,

  • stylish motor, looks wet

  • cornwall the land of sun sea surfing and sweet dubs :)

  • has it ever seen dirt! its very cool

  • nice mota luv!!! the shine is rokin and such a nice colour. :-) i am also a great v dub fan.

  • beautiful car, wonderful shine

  • thats a lot of waxing! new cars are easy to clean this has 17 years of life to contend with

  • sweet as man.

  • I'v seen a lot of these golfs but this is just perfection, good effort, brilliant shine

  • just look at those reflections out of this world on an old motor, i'm buying some dodo juice!

  • I'm really drawn to this car, its such an icon, showroom condition fantastic motorcar

  • sweet ride bro keep up the good work, very impressive a massive well done, that ride is sizzling :=)

  • Stunning car, well done. a lot of hard work has gone into that shine that's for sure, brilliant

  • i want it!!!

  • i love your car tis so fast :D

  • wow an amazing car I've seen this cruising around penzance its the mutts nuts, makes mine look dirty

  • looks amazing, totally love pic4 the reflection in the boot lid is flawless what shine loving it

  • one word sums this car up 'NICE'

  • I had a poster of the vw GTI on my bedroom wall as a kid. outstanding example of the ultimate GTI

  • much harder to get these older cars looking so good, top work fella

  • one of my favourite cars of all time, what a timeless classic, beautiful finish, 16 or 8v i wonder

  • hand polished!! good work thats dedication

  • the best colour gti, royal blue innit, lovely

  • nice classic car there, looks original too.

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