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Renault RenaultSport Clio 200 Cup - Torgut Mehmet

Entered for the March 2012 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Torgut Mehmet

Make: Renault

Model: RenaultSport Clio 200 Cup

Year: 2009

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Renault RenaultSport Clio 200 Cup
Renault RenaultSport Clio 200 Cup
Renault RenaultSport Clio 200 Cup
Renault RenaultSport Clio 200 Cup

Products Used

How Torgut Used Our Products

The car is a 2009 White Renault Sport Clio 200 with Black alloys.

I start with the wheels. I used AG Custom Wheel Cleaner as it is acid free. Clean one wheel at a time, twice if needed. Cleaned the tyre with this also.

I then use AG PowerMax3 TFR on the lower body, inner arches and all door shuts. Let this work for a couple of minutes, brush where needed and rinse off.

Now ready for the shampoo. I use the two bucket method although the TFR removes a lot of the initial dirt.

Dry off using the Autoglym Aqua-Dry. This works really well.

I finish the drying with a microfibre towel to catch the last bits of water. I use another small MF cloth to dry off the seals, arch lips and door shuts (where there may be hidden dirt).

Now the fun stuff.

I started by claying the bodywork with the Meguiar's Clay kit. No reason for using Meguiars for this part. It's just that this is what I had bought previously and still had plenty left.

First start by taping up the car trims and shuts with 3M masking tape.

I noticed a few light swirl marks across the paint. Very difficult to see as the car is white but I could see there were there in the sun.

I've found GTechniq P1 to be simply superb. It removes light swirls and is a real joy to work with coming off very nicely. I also use AG Super Resin Polish in general as this is also very nice to use and remove.

I recently go myself a Dual-action polisher which is very simple and safe to use. Remove the polish with several new MF cloths.

The wax I used is Autoglym HD Wax. This is a very nice product to use. Only a small amount is needed and it spreads easily. Comes off very well too, even after leaving it on for hours!

But before I remove the wax, I treated all the plastics and rubbers with Bumper Care removing the excess with a MF cloth. Reason for leaving the wax on was to protect the paint from the Bumper Care.

Finally buffed off the HD wax. Oh, and I use HD Wax on the alloys as well. Apply this by fingers! Finally finish the exterior by dressing the tyres using AG Tyre Dressing and an old piece of sponge.

Autoglym products have been a joy to use.

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  • Nice work mate, love it.

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