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Ford Puma - Rob Arthur - Winner March 2012

Entered for the March 2012 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Rob Arthur

Make: Ford

Model: Puma

Year: 2002

Viewed: 7336 times.

Votes/Comments: 66

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Ford Puma
Ford Puma
Ford Puma

Products Used

How Rob Used Our Products

This is a 2002 Ford Puma in Magnum Grey. First I rinsed the car with a hose, then snow foamed it using Ultimate Snow Foam and a Karcher pressure washer with lance, then shampoo'd using a Bilt Hamber lambswool mitt and two bucket method (Meguiar's buckets and grit guards), clayed the paintwork with Autoglym set, polished using Bilt Hamber Cleanser Polish, Glazed using Black Hole, sealed using Car-Lack 68 Long Life Sealant then waxed using Autoglym HD Wax.

Products mostly applied using Meguiar's high tech foam applicator pads and buffed with crazy pile microfibres.

Wheels were done using an Autoglym Wheel brush and Clean Wheels, then polished using Autoglym Super Resin Polish and sealed using Poorboys Wheel Sealant.

Interior was dressed using Poorboys Natural Look Interior Dressing because it smells amazing and leaves a great finish.

Comments from Voters

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  • looking good

  • Ya could near enough jump into that reflection it's so deep - brilliant!

  • ooh shiny

  • Finish reflects the hard work put in by the owner !

  • Shiny shiny car there....... well done, though you should try to get out a bit more, eh ?

  • Looking epic

  • Love the depth of colour looks almost like molten metal, pure and unspoilt. Gary

  • very nice. my fave by far

  • That's one clean machine! Definitely my top choice!

  • Very shiny. Probably better finish than when it came out of the factory!

  • Nice depth to the paintwork there and good reflections. Good effort!

  • excellent finish looks great

  • I'd love to sprawl out naked on that bonnet. Bill.

  • Nice car, looks imacculate!

  • Looks fantastic, great work.

  • I love Puma's, I love Cougars, they make awesome zoo animals and cars. Ben aged 7 ¾

  • Brilliant

  • Sexiness defined

  • Very nice job on a very nice and well kept car.

  • noyyycee

  • A lot of hard work went in to this well done!

  • Good Finish

  • I have a 2001 Thunder too...dont think it will ever look this good...well done fantatastic job!

  • Wow, that's amazing.

  • Car looks great. You did an awesome job. Would love to see more pictures.

  • That looks awsome, my stepdads puma Looks like a right banger compared!!

  • stunning. great job.

  • Like it. Great results.

  • shiny

  • Lovely job on a lovely car! Smashing results! Tony M

  • Looking Good, Fantastic cared for example!

  • Nice car. Lovely colour. Good luck.

  • Very tidy, ill vote for you if you come and do mine next??? Regards, Pumanoob!

  • Lovely looking car

  • Wow thats immense!!

  • A reflection as deep as your mums minge - awesome job.

  • That is the best puma I've seen on the roads! Well done that man. Ginger T

  • Proof that you don't need to spend £100s on products to achieve a great finish, ps lights look amazi

  • Amazing shine on this.

  • Really shiny!!!

  • quality job!

  • nice puma is nice

  • Awesomely sweet! :)

  • Beautifully finished that must have taken ages.

  • That is a very impressively shiny car. It looks better than new! I think you should start a business

  • Wow it's so shiny. I wish I could be bothered to clean my car as good as this

  • There saying 'you cant polish a turd' definitely doesn't apply here. Well done sir. Chris B

  • Outstanding work Rob. I am very impressedM

  • Must be one of the finest Puma's in the UK - amazing result and outstanding condition.

  • spotless...

  • looks good!

  • What a fantastic job!

  • Oooooo Super Shiny!!

  • I always loved the Thunder but this one has been brought to a better than new appearance

  • AMAZING!!!

  • This car has a fabulous shine, especially for original paintwork of it's year!

  • awesome shine, wish mine looked like that :)

  • Your car is so shiny I can see it from miles away :) You better detail my car too, next time!

  • Picture 2 is amazing, It looks like a liquid bonnet.

  • Nicely done Mr Arthur

  • This is not cleaning a car, it's creating art and I think it's a masterpeace!

  • having worked for ford, and sold many of these cars they never looked this clean!!!!

  • That is one fine lookin' Puma :)

  • Wow this is a spectacularly clean car. I didn't realise they were making Ford Pumas anymore - yet cl

  • Great looking car! Fantastic job!

  • Classic car. It deserves a great finish

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