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Ford Racing Puma - Aaron Bentley

Entered for the May 2012 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Aaron Bentley

Make: Ford

Model: Racing Puma

Year: 2000

Viewed: 5179 times.

Votes/Comments: 50

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Ford Racing Puma
Ford Racing Puma
Ford Racing Puma
Ford Racing Puma

Products Used

How Aaron Used Our Products

After owning my Ford Racing Puma since October 2010, and with it only having been used in the summer months, it was time for its first proper detail. The work took 25 hours over 3 days and here is a summary the process.

The car was firstly washed using Auto Finesse Lather and the two-bucket method. Meguiar's All Purpose Cleaner diluted 8:1 was used to clean around the windows, badges, lights and panel gaps. After rinsing, I then started the decontamination process, initially with Autosmart Fallout Remover. After a further rinse I used Autosmart Tardis to remove tar spots (mainly behind the wheel arches) and then rinsed again. Claying was up next, and I used Sonus Extra Fine Clay and Meguiar's Last Touch as the lube. I worked around the car and clayed the windows, lights and all body panels. A further two-bucket wash followed and I then dried the car off using a microfibre drying towel.

The car was then rolled into the garage ready for machine polishing. Using my new DeWalt DWP849X rotary polisher in conjunction with Lake Country Rotary H-T Cutting, Polishing and Finishing Pads, I carefully nipped out minor defects in the finish and enhanced surface gloss using a selection of Menzerna polishes. I then applied a coat of Auto Finesse Tripple to serve as a basecoat for my last step products. I went around applying it panel by panel with a microfibre applicator pad, and buffed off the residue using a microfibre towel. I then applied two coats of Auto Finesse Tough Coat back to back using a foam applicator pad, and buffed off the residues with a luxury microfibre towel. This was my first time using Tough Coat, and it was extremely easy to use and looked fantastic. A coat of my favourite carnauba wax was applied last to add even more gloss and protection.

Next, I turned my attention to the wheels, and removed them from the car in order to clean their backs more easily. My process was as follows. Firstly, I gave them a quick blast with my pressure washer to remove any loose dirt and brake dust. I then used a diluted wheel cleaner to tackle any remaining brake dust, agitating it thoroughly with various wheel brushes before rinsing off. I then decontaminated the rims in the same way as I had the bodywork, starting with Autosmart Fallout Remover and then moving on to Autosmart Tardis followed by Sonus Extra Fine Clay. After a final rinse, each wheel was blown dry with a pressurised airline and then treated to a basecoat of Auto Finesse Rejuvenate before a final protective topcoat of Auto Finesse Mint Rims was applied.

Once the wheels were done and back on the car, I then tackled all of the remaining jobs. Firstly, I cleaned all of the glass with Auto Finesse Crystal. Finesse Gloss was then applied to all of the tyres. Next, Auto Finesse Revive was applied to the small amount of exterior trim, and Auto Finesse Mercury was used to polish the exhaust. Finally, Auto Finesse Finale was used to give the whole car a wipe down to remove any remaining smears and leave a flawless finish. I'm very pleased with my results and I'm very happy with the Auto Finesse range, which is so easy to use."

Comments from Voters

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  • The result is well worth the effort put in. Stunning looking car. well done.

  • Looks awsome :)

  • :)

  • Love this FRP, it deserves to win!!

  • gorgeous car lovely man who owns it!!!!

  • Saw this in the flesh at FITP today - looks just as amazing in person. Stunning job. [evilrob]

  • Gorgeous FRP - good luck

  • Fabulous looking fat cat!

  • schweet car

  • Amazing! So pretttyy =]

  • great work

  • Great work! Job well done. Would love one of these.

  • Fantastic looking FRP!! Good work!!

  • Lovely Looking FRP there fella

  • my por darling could only dream of looking like that! beautiful : )

  • Gorgeously smooth, paint looks as deep as ink. Well done!

  • Amazing job.

  • Nice Car !!

  • Love it! Looks awesome!!!

  • Subperb finish and nice ride

  • Phew, nice car with a remarkable finish!

  • Amazing results! :)

  • and I thought Prof Brian Cox was bright.

  • Nice work Aaron, good to see someone with the finer points of detailing.

  • Lovely FRP looks absolutely great

  • Beautifully finished

  • awesome

  • very cool

  • excellent finish, cool car

  • A wonderful example of a rare car, great work :)

  • Looks awesome, nice beading and some lovely reflections. Properly clean FRP

  • wow

  • :D superb

  • Looks stunning.

  • Sweeeet finish. Sweet as a nut!!! That is one fine lookin' machine!!!!

  • A credit to a lot of hard work.

  • A beautiful colour and an amazing shine, that gets my vote!!

  • lovely looking puma

  • Very nice Aaron, it looks better than new!

  • Good luck Aaron - a credit to you.

  • Love it!

  • Beautiful like glass finish on a car I'd be proud to own! Love ya work!

  • Now that's dedication but the results are definately there to see. Great job & beautiful looking car

  • AWSOME :) This needs to win :)

  • Beautiful, wish it were mine!

  • Fantastic finish, out with the sunglasses if I ever see it in real life.

  • Man that is one slick looking machine. Credit to the amount of work gone into this.

  • It's wicked

  • fantastic job aaron

  • Fantastic work on a fantastic car!

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