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Ford Mondeo ST220 - Ronnie Templar Kennedy - Winner May 2012

Entered for the May 2012 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Ronnie Templar Kennedy

Make: Ford

Model: Mondeo ST220

Year: 2002

Viewed: 8514 times.

Votes/Comments: 185

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Ford Mondeo ST220
Ford Mondeo ST220
Ford Mondeo ST220
Ford Mondeo ST220

Products Used

How Ronnie Used Our Products

I started with a good wash down and then leather off, also using an Auto Glym Hydro glyde. Then I used the Meguiar's 3 step polishes using a halfords rotary buffer. I continued on tafter the 3 stage to use a Poorpoys polish for 2 coats then ended with Ato Pro PTFE. This is the first time I have used the PTFE polish and so far was impressed however, it stated in the add that it did not chalk but I did find chalk on the car after and toweled it off.

Comments from Voters

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  • Absolutely fantastic looking Mondeo! Top job mate!

  • i vote

  • awesomesource

  • lovely Car :)

  • Really awesome bit of kit Ronnie :)

  • sweet car :) <3

  • WOW what a car

  • what a sweet motor

  • Wow - clean motor, mate - nice job

  • lovely looking ST

  • Very nice!

  • epic!!

  • Very impressive! Worthy winner :)

  • well nice ronnie

  • nice motor

  • very very cool motor

  • really cool car gets my vote!!!!

  • this car should win i really hope it does

  • awesome car looking good ronnie

  • Stunning!

  • love this car!

  • Fab car! Love the Goth theme ronnie x

  • A worthy winner. Black Is a real tough colour to get looking that flawless.

  • Oooh, I love the red detailing! Plush!

  • looks good

  • nice

  • Looking very good!

  • great goth car

  • Go Ronnie!

  • Awesome! Deffo gets my vote!

  • sweet motor mate

  • beautiful car

  • nice car


  • excellent,this car would be a worthy winner..

  • Amazing car love the black and red together

  • Good job!

  • Superb looking car,and with a great shine, obviously a proud owner

  • The Goth Knightrider UK style

  • beautiful car, well done

  • wicked

  • Lovely shine. Top car

  • looks like i could eat my dinner off that! Crackin' job!

  • excellent shine, great job.

  • Good job!

  • stunning motor!

  • Love it.

  • shiny

  • good luck

  • wow

  • Sweet mate

  • Very nice

  • I'd like to vote for this entry

  • fab !

  • great job on the the car looks bri

  • Fantastic car, black and red is fab. Go Go Goth car!

  • Lovely shine on a superb car

  • Great Results

  • Good luck Ron

  • Fantastic job

  • Niceeeeeeeee

  • Shiney.

  • Great motor

  • Nice car

  • what a smashing car and a brilliant polish

  • Wow! Excellent work.

  • still think the cars ace,.

  • amazing car

  • wicked car

  • Lovely but with Autoglym products it wold have been much better

  • good luck! x

  • Nice gleam to the black, good work.

  • Awesome Ronnie

  • Wow beautiful looking car

  • stunning Car, some effort to keep it looking this excellent. Wonder he gives tips?

  • Stunning motor!

  • lovely :D

  • What a beauty :-)

  • Come on Ronnie, give us a shine!

  • very shiny

  • lovely motor!!

  • lovely motor!!!

  • Nice, black is the best colour ;-)

  • That looks awesome, nice one!

  • Nice one Ronnie!

  • Very Very Nice and a credit to you

  • Gorgeous :)!!

  • Shiney Shiney!!

  • Cracking body work, and the cars not bad either, fnar fnar

  • Looks good, very gothic

  • Might have to get you to do mine ;-)

  • Fantastic Shine

  • Top Notch work there

  • Thats ridiculous , wish mine was that shiny.

  • stunning example

  • wikid 220 ... love to see this in the flesh ( metal ) lol

  • having known the ST before Ron owned it can say its totaly different from the standard it was ..A1;)

  • Stunning car Ronnie!

  • Shiny!

  • stunning as always Ron keep up the good work mate !

  • Stunning very nice

  • Seen it at fitp stunning sol

  • Nice one Ronnie.

  • beauuuuuuutiful

  • nice and shiny

  • looking good ronnie

  • Very nice car

  • Very nice Ron looking good

  • nice wheels :-)

  • Looks tip top ron nice to see your taking good care of her

  • 10 out of 10 from me m8 car looks well cool Ron love it!!!

  • Stunning car, well looked after and gleaming

  • Gothtastic looking Mondeo :-)

  • top job

  • Sweet

  • A well deserved winner

  • Nice car! Mrs Padre

  • Looking good! :-)

  • keep up the good work ronnie

  • she's a beaut!!

  • The Nuts Ron

  • nice car! the padre

  • This car is tip top I kno it! Everyone who clicks vote, this car is used for charity and awareness

  • The Padre thinks your motor looks fantastic Ronnie

  • looks great, nice mods.

  • time and effort produces great results - lovely finish

  • That's a smart finish, nice one

  • very nice looking car.

  • Wow!!!!

  • Wish I could get mine like that .

  • Love the red trims

  • Nice one mate

  • Great looking car

  • Beautiful looking car

  • Shiny!!

  • Verwy nice

  • Fab car

  • Fabulous car ron

  • Its just amazing, I know the time you've spent on it and you deserve to win, you've earned it

  • Nice looking car, love the black and red look!!!

  • Black mondeo, excellent car, very clean and looks well maintained and looked after....

  • Very nice car :)

  • terrific job Ronnie . must have spent hours working on her :)

  • Brilliant ... In every sense of he word!!!!

  • Cool

  • Love the car. My daughter and her friends are going to prom in it.

  • Looks better than the Billy no mates fmoc version



  • Beautiful wish mine looked half as good as yours

  • great lookin car, neat, neat, neat!

  • Nice, can't beat red and black.. woll done, a lot of work has gone in to this.

  • looking good

  • Absolutely gorgeous and obviously very well loved :-)

  • Great-looking car!

  • Nice work there chap. She's one to be proud of.

  • All that hard work deserves to win, it does look good.

  • Lovely car and a real credit to Ronnie.

  • Simply stunning..All that hard work has paid off.

  • So amazingly good looking , I just want to look at it all day long.

  • Fantastic. Your hard work has been well worth it.

  • I can clearly imagine Dracula using this as his daily driver.

  • fantastic

  • Awesome motor !

  • Wicked mota Ronnie black and red Mmm

  • Looking great :-)

  • Beautiful car

  • What a gorgeous beast she is, Ronnie x

  • Stunning..

  • Fantastic looking Mondeo

  • Shiny Shiny. Great looking car.

  • go, go goth car!!

  • AWESOME!!!

  • wow...alot of work gone into the car and it shows fantastic

  • Looking great :)

  • stunning as always mate TIGER ST

  • Beautiful Car...You can tell a lot of work has gone into it!!!

  • nicely done. looking good :)

  • nice shine ronnie best of luck

  • Great Car

  • Looks fantastic!

  • very stunning car

  • this car has to be the best st220 in the uk in my opinion top car

  • Smart original look on an underated car.

  • beautiful looking car. Cant wait to see it at the shows.

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