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Vauxhall Corsa - Steven Squires

Entered for the August 2012 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Steven Squires

Make: Vauxhall

Model: Corsa

Year: 2004

Viewed: 4222 times.

Votes/Comments: 40

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Vauxhall Corsa
Vauxhall Corsa
Vauxhall Corsa

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How Steven Used Our Products

This was a friends car who neglected the paint work, so I asked if I could sort it out for him, also due to being left under a tree it was covered in moss in almost every gap>

First off the wheels were cleaned then snow foamed the car paying attention to all the little gaps were moss had collected then washed with 2 bucket then rinsed after that was clayed using a whole huge bar of clay next was rinse and dry and on to the machine stage.

As I have never done a faded car I was a little worried at first but the results speak for themselves, to finish gave it a good coat of wax to protect the finish hope you all like the pics and thanks for the vote.

Comments from Voters

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  • Nice work there Steven Squires, looks like a brand new car.

  • fantastic job and bet your friend was made up with it, great end result well done that man

  • Wow - what a difference - nice one

  • Winner

  • Very very nice

  • Well done steve

  • What a remarkable difference. Car has been brought back to life.

  • Amazing results!!

  • great job

  • Very good job that fella

  • Great Job mate, Il be round with my car shortly! ! ! - MesserMitch.

  • Great effort

  • Looks proper clean

  • awesome results. nice work steve

  • Wow wow wow wow amazing!!!!!!!

  • huge improvment well done you have got one lucky friend

  • great to see so much produce used to get such a remarkable transformation

  • well done mate you have got skills

  • didnt know that could even be done. well done defo should win

  • good job well done ste.

  • Results speak for themselves! a winner for sure!

  • this is what this comp is about... not people getting their mates to vote on resprayed cars. top job

  • This needs to win hands down the best out of the rest

  • job well done mate

  • Nice, Red comes back nicely from faded, done properly

  • you have got one lucky friend

  • very very impressive

  • well done hun x

  • defo should win so much effort gone in to that

  • simply amazing well done you should be proud

  • Thats an amazing before and after !!! A lot of hard work has gone in there for that result !

  • fantastic job done to get car back to original colour

  • Thats amazing, the changing in colour is brilliant. Got to try this on mine!

  • Looks better than done with T-Cut,how hard can it be.

  • Wow amazing work!!!!!

  • well done

  • wow

  • amazing

  • NIce one dude, amazing result.

  • Fab looks so much better

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