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Renaultsport Clio 172 - James Levermore

Entered for the August 2012 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: James Levermore

Make: Renaultsport

Model: Clio 172

Year: 2001

Viewed: 3512 times.

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Renaultsport Clio 172
Renaultsport Clio 172
Renaultsport Clio 172
Renaultsport Clio 172

Products Used

  • Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing (500ml)
  • Autoglym Clay Bar
  • Kleers The Microfibre Mist Spray
  • Kleers The Tar Spot Remover
  • Kleers The Paint Renovator
  • Kleers The Finishing Wax
  • Kleers The Glass Cleaner
  • Kleers The Wheel Cleaner
  • Kleers Soapy Detailing Cloth
  • Kleers The Silver Interior Purifier
  • Kleers The Air Freshner
  • Kleers The Glass Cloth
  • Kleers The Soft Polishing Cloth
  • Kleers The Microfibre Cloth
  • Kleers The Metal Polish
  • Kleers The Car Shampoo
  • Kleers The Chamois
  • Kleers The Paint Detailer

How James Used Our Products

My Clio 172 has been sat for about 2 years on the drive, below a windowsill frequented by doves on a daily basis, and had become something for them to target. After being ignored for about 8 months I decided it needed a little love.

First the car was jet washed over to remove any loose mess, then washed using 'The car shampoo' from Kleers and the 2 bucket method and my faithful sponge. Once the dirt and mess had been removed the car was rinsed off using the jet wash. After all visible suds had been washed away, the car was dried using 'The Chamois' again from Kleers. Once suitably dry, the bonnet, arches and quarter panels were gone over using 'The Tar Spot Remover' Kleers again, with a Kleers 'The Microfibre Cloth'. Once looking suitably spot free, the bonnet and wings were lubricated using Kleers 'The Paint Detailer' and clayed with an Autoglym clay bar. Any dried out detailing spray streaks were cleaned up using 'The Microfibre Mist Spray' and 'The Microfibre Cloth' both from Kleers.

The roof was a little more challenging, and required 2 applications of 'The Paint Renovator' used in conjunction with a rotary polisher. Once a good result had been achieved, the roof was cleaned off with more 'Microfibre Mist Spray' and 'Microfibre Cloth'. All external paintwork was then waxed using 'The Finishing Wax' and 'The Supersoft Polishing Cloth'.

The glass, number plates and lights were the next step, with a spray of 'The Glass Cleaner' and a wipe down with 'The Glass Cloth' both from Kleers. The wheels were sprayed with Kleers 'The Wheel Cleaner' before being scrubbed with 'The Soapy Detailing Cloth' and rinsed with a hose, before being patted dry with 'The Microfibre Cloth'. Once dry, the tyres were wiped round with Autoglym 'Instant Tyre Dressing'.

Next the interior was hoovered out, the dashboard wiped down with 'Microfibre Mist Spray' and 'The Microfibre Cloth'. The interior glass was then treated with more 'The Glass Cleaner' and 'The Glass Cloth'. Once looking suitably clean, the aircon was set to recirculate and 'The Silver Interior Purifier' was left for 15 mins to work through the system. Whilst this was working, 'The Metal Polish' and 'The Supersoft Polishing Cloth' were used to clean up the alloy parts in the engine bay. By the time this was done, the interior had finished smogging and a cherry 'The Air Freshener' was deployed to the interior mirror.

This achieved 'The Ultimate Finish'

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