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MINI John Coooper Works - Michael Cartmell

Entered for the June 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Michael Cartmell

Make: MINI

Model: John Coooper Works

Year: 2011

Viewed: 3576 times.

Votes/Comments: 2

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MINI John Coooper Works
MINI John Coooper Works
MINI John Coooper Works

Products Used

  • Britemax Blackmax polish
  • Britemax Grime out
  • Britemax Vantage wax
  • Britemax cleanmax shampoo
  • Britemax Leathermax
  • Britemax Metal twins
  • Britmax Rubbermax
  • Meguiars lambswool wash mit
  • Waxtec Wheel brush
  • Waxtec drying towels
  • Waxtec Glass cleaner/sealant
  • Waxtec Citrus cleanse
  • Waxtec detailer and sealant

How Michael Used Our Products

My car is a 2011 MINI John Cooper Works. I've only owned it a few months and am slowly getting it to the condition and "Ultimate Finish" that I want it to be.

Firstly I clean the wheels. I spray the wheels with Britemax Grimeout to loosen any brake dust etc from the surface. Then rinse this off before using the Waxtec wheel brush to clean the back of the wheels. This is a great product as I can get it between the calliper and the wheel. Then wash the wheels using Britemax Cleanmax shampoo, a lambs wool wash mitt and 2 buckets. Once done the wheels are dried using a Waxtec drying towel.

On the main body I rinse the first then spray on a diluted solution of Waxtec Citrus cleanse as a pre-clean, leave that on the car for 5mins and then rinse it off. Then wash it using 2 buckets, Britemax Clean max shampoo. (The shampoo is PH neutral and a great and easy product to use.) lambswool wash mitt. I tend to do it panel by panel. So wash the roof, then dry it using Waxtec drying towel, wash one side, dry it etc etc. I find this stops a lot of soap marks forming especially in the warmer weather.

Once done, the glass sunroof and windows are cleaned inside and out with Waxtec glass cleaner, another great product and really easy to use.

Depending on the level of clean that I'm doing I'll either just seal the car with Waxtec detailing/sealant or use Britemax Blackmax polish, then the sealant. Or if its a total clean then I'll use the Blackmax as a paint cleanse then use multiple layers of the Britemax Vantage wax.

One the wheel arches I use Britemax Rubbermax. Finally on the outside I use Britemax metal twins on the exhaust tailpipes.

Comments from Voters

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  • Got to give you a vote as you own a great looking mini like mine the other red and black JCW

  • Very nice indeed. Love the Red and Black!

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