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Ford Focus RS Mk1 - Adrian Greaves

Entered for the September 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Adrian Greaves

Make: Ford

Model: Focus RS Mk1

Year: 2003

Viewed: 3809 times.

Votes/Comments: 28

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Ford Focus RS Mk1
Ford Focus RS Mk1
Ford Focus RS Mk1
Ford Focus RS Mk1

Products Used

How Adrian Used Our Products

The first job on the list is to jet wash the entire car focusing on the side skirts, the wheels and wheel arches. I then spray R222 wheel gel on the wheels to allow the product to soak for the maximum amount of time (the longer the better with that stuff).

The next stage is to use the good old two bucket method to wash the car using a Zymol Silicone Sponge and Zaino Z7 Show Car Wash. I work in straight lines to avoid scratching the car and also using as little pressure as possible. This is the stage where most marks are made! I then get the jet wash out again rinse the car and also remove the R222 gel that I sprayed on earlier.

After that I get out a deep pile drying towel. Again the trick is to not apply any pressure, so just place the towel on top of the panel that you want to dry and slide it off. No pressure is needed to remove the water. Right back to the wheels, I change to a different sponge and also get out my EZ Detail brush. I then fill a new buck with fresh soapy water and just use good old fashioned elbow grease the clean up the wheels. I sometimes use Autoglym Tar Remover to release any stubborn tar spots.

Next phase is to get the Autoglym HD Wax out and apply a very thin application over the vehicle. Much easier to remove that way and honestly less is more!

The final stage of the process is Zaino Z6 Gloss Enhancer, this stuff really makes your car ping! It’s so shiny and there’s such a depth in the paint after applying it. If wax isn’t your thing pick up a bottle of Z6 it’s my secret weapon for the shine!

Final touch is to apply plenty of Autoglym tyre dressing, I do like the glossy tyre walls!

Thanks for reading!

Comments from Voters

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  • Nice

  • Nice work!

  • Mate that car is siiiiCcckkk - clean mine?

  • very shiny!!

  • great job

  • Nice!!!

  • "I want that car"

  • gleaming!!!!

  • super glossy

  • SHINY!!!!!

  • This guys car is clean.

  • Ohh Shine Geek!

  • squeeky clean!

  • Great Job!

  • Very clean, even the tricky bits.

  • Nice wheels

  • Beautiful

  • Shiney!!

  • ooo shiny thing!

  • Great!

  • Amazing, Go you want to clean mine?

  • Stunning - you can clean my car anytime!

  • Great shine

  • Stunning !

  • Nice one

  • Lovely motor

  • Nice shine

  • Nice car :-)

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