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Morris Minor Pick up - Gary Jones

Entered for the November 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Gary Jones

Make: Morris Minor

Model: Pick up

Year: 1967

Viewed: 3753 times.

Votes/Comments: 3

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Morris Minor Pick up
Morris Minor Pick up
Morris Minor Pick up
Morris Minor Pick up

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I bought the car in a moment of madness while on holiday in the Isle of Wight. The car is an original pick up, and spent all its life running around the country lanes of the Island. Having purchased the car for £250, I took the Minor home on a trailer as it would not have made it home on its own. Once in my small garage I had the chance to really look at the car in detail. This is when reality set in, and the realisation of the task ahead dawned on me, as I was to turn this rust bucket into something worth driving again.

I haven’t got enough space to talk about all the work I have carried out on the vehicle But I can give you a quick rundown.

The Morris Minor was I believe one of the first cars to have rack and pinion steering, unfortunately the rack ran across the bulk head, this limits the size of engine you can put in without space framing the front end, while cutting out The bulk head. So the out and out hot rod root was this time rejected in favour of a more subtle approach. The engine is of a bigger capacity with a Ford 5 speed gearbox, lowered all round, gas shocks, and updated running gear, all pretty standard stuff for a modified Moggy. However the bodywork is not. All the panel work has been replaced or repaired, I took the body off to address the chassis work. Once this was done the body work could be started on. Fortunately a lot of the panels can still be sourced for the Minor but one word of caution here: never use patent parts, for the extra money you’ll save a whole lot of hassle trying to get the fit right.

As you can see from the photos the front end has had the indicators moved from the wings and de badged to give a smoother look. At the rear of the car I have fabricated a valance to hide the chassis rails, the same was done with the tail gate the latches being hidden on the inside of the gate. At some point the car has had a re-spray not surprising on a car of this age, so in-order to keep the old paint in check I had to two-pack the car in primer before applying six coats of VW Pistachio Green-Cellulose Paint. After much rubbing down with Twitch hundred grit wet and dry, I finished off with Meguiars Clay Bar and Swissvax Onyx.

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  • Nice revamp, very original

  • Great car! Nice paint work and amazing colour

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