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Volkswagen Polo - Adam Jackson - Winner December 2013

Entered for the December 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Adam Jackson

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Polo

Year: 2012

Viewed: 6475 times.

Votes/Comments: 116

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Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen Polo

Products Used

How Adam Used Our Products

My car is a VW Polo 6R. It's currently lowered all the way on coilovers, the wheels are staggered Schmidt Modern Lines, and running a front aftermarket splitter. I clean my car almost every weekend. I use Meguiar’s Gold Class Shampoo & Conditioner to wash it, I then use a clean microfibre cloth to dry it off, or if I need to clay it I will leave the car wet and use Meguiar’s Quick Detailer and Clay Bar. After its dry if there is any tar on the car I will remove it by gently applying Autoglym Tar Remover. After I will polish the car using Auto Finesse Tripple, I sometimes apply an extra layer of wax over the top just for extra protection. Finally I finish off sealing the car with Autobrite Direct Project 32 just to give it that ultimate protection.

Comments from Voters

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  • cock

  • The power of Sittin Dubs! No Cheating here, just pure fans!

  • Nice Motor To The Bar we go 34 Please Send Images Nice

  • Nice car, well prep'd deserves the votes after other entrants soliciting for votes on other forums

  • fucking amazing and super clean

  • boom

  • Nice one! ;)

  • Sexiest car on the road..

  • I prefer my Bora. love you Bro!

  • Nice job, rep that Dub Nation

  • ...

  • Defo some cheating going on here ahaa... not the best ultimate fish on here..

  • Becky work

  • Wooooo

  • Charlie work

  • Zoe work

  • Simon work

  • Lesley work

  • how about dem apples

  • Saw this at VW Fest at year, such a epic car!

  • Amazing

  • Sicko

  • Winner!

  • Love this Polo!!

  • Awesome car! - Laura

  • Nice car - jack

  • Awesome car and such a great guy

  • +1 all comments

  • glazed finish :)

  • Brian 43

  • Nice, the clean white reminds me of donut grlaze.

  • beaut car! good luck, love charlie x

  • Awesome dude!

  • lovely guy with a lovely car :)

  • Great looking car

  • Love this car!

  • Vote Adam

  • done!

  • cool

  • yipeeee

  • Stunning cars , Adams a champion to !!

  • mint!

  • Win

  • Pretty sweet car, very clean and tidy, alot of hard work gone into it!!

  • Woo Hoo winner winner

  • Got my vote! Awesome car :)

  • Awesome guy! Such a legit car!

  • Awesome

  • Lovely photo

  • Nice car

  • Great car Tony Wood!!

  • great

  • great car !

  • Good luck

  • Done :)

  • Stunning car and great guy

  • MEAT!!!!!

  • the big meat

  • Adams polo!

  • wiiiiiiinner

  • The best by far!

  • great stuff

  • beauty

  • Sexy <3

  • tidy - megs FTW!

  • best car

  • this car has to win lol

  • Wow, i really like this polo!!

  • Very nice :) it shines ;)

  • I love this car!! Awesome :)

  • Simple but great!

  • nice

  • perfect

  • Beautiful car! Love little Polo's and this one always catches my eye :) love it <3

  • love your cabbie brother!

  • Looking good, even if I did prefer the BBS'

  • Love it, even if it isn't a dirty derv! ;)

  • Tastily modified, easily the nicest Polo I've seen!

  • Great car m8 hope to see you at UD again this year :)

  • "Such a sweeeet car!!" - Harrison Conner

  • mint car, love this thing

  • Great looking car mate :-)

  • Nice car, leeegit

  • beautiful even if theres more than 2 wheels ;)

  • I absolutely love this thing.

  • yes this is the most legit vehicle i've ever seen

  • Leeeeeeeeeee jittttttt

  • that dopest grape

  • Clean example of how a polo should look!

  • looking sweet

  • !

  • mega car

  • tasty

  • Brilliance on 4 wheels!

  • awesome ride !!

  • Deserves to win just for the fact he's my friend. And I'm scene king...

  • Love this 6R

  • yea yea sick sick

  • Entering for such a good cause!!!

  • Awesome stuff!

  • Very clean!

  • Adam to win

  • love it!!! pride is everything

  • vw

  • Dope grape

  • Beautiful 6R

  • Sick ride bro!

  • Boom!

  • Amazing! Nice example of a 6r

  • Love this car!

  • have a lot of love for this polo. it's perfect!

  • so legit!

  • Very clean.

  • one sick 6R !! :-)

  • Boom

  • Awesome car!

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