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Vauxhall Vectra - Nick Keeling

Entered for the December 2013 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Nick Keeling

Make: Vauxhall

Model: Vectra

Year: 2006

Viewed: 4391 times.

Votes/Comments: 80

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Vauxhall Vectra
Vauxhall Vectra
Vauxhall Vectra
Vauxhall Vectra

Products Used

How Nick Used Our Products

This car is my pride and joy. It’s a 56 plate Vauxhall Vectra C 1.9 CDTi with a few modifications.

When doing a full detail I start off by using Dodo Juice Shampoo, followed by the Dodo Juice Lime Prime to remove all dirt and previous wax application, this also does a great job of removing tar. I then follow that up with 2 coats of Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Soft Wax, and to finish I seal the wax in with Dodo Juice Red Mist. Moving on to the finer details; for the windows I use Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner, and the Meguiar’s Hot Shine for the tyres, with it being a diesel the exhaust tips get quite sooty so I use Autosol on the tips.

Thanks for looking and I hope you feel that my car is a worthy contender!

Comments from Voters

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  • Nice Car Nick

  • you took the skimmer out then, haha

  • Nice car

  • Looks fantastic! Well Done!

  • stunning :)

  • some nice cars this month, but this one really stands out

  • From checking all the cars this one the owner has put alot of hard work into it so gets my vote.

  • Really like this nice and clean looks very nice for a silver car

  • Wow what a shine fancy coming to do mine? Lol

  • Very nice car. I like very bright

  • nice car nick. has to win this months competition

  • Wow super cool looking car

  • This Car gets my vote this month really nice example of a vectra.

  • I love dodo juice. gives it a good finish, well done

  • My god now thats clean

  • Excellent shine

  • Love it

  • You have done a grand job lad

  • Wonderful

  • Fantastic work

  • The effect thats gone into this car is excellent.

  • Fantastic job

  • Is this a popular comp or ultimate finish.. going on finish this is a winner

  • really like this car should be the winner in my eyes.

  • I love british cars. they look after them so much detail. this is a very nice winner

  • WOW that is such a stunning car!

  • Ultimate finish..vectra or polo!!! vectra has the ultimate finish. polo has the fans

  • If i was to go on cleaning the car... this is defo the winner.

  • Superb finish. Must have taken so many hours to get a silver car to look as good as that.

  • lovely car

  • top job

  • wicked ride, love it

  • WOW look at the shine on that, great job

  • awesome finish

  • ohhh shiny shiny

  • stunning

  • How much do you charge

  • paint is like glass

  • This is the ultimate finish

  • from the other cars this has to be my favourite one. looks very clean and tidy.

  • Nick you have done a lovely job mate

  • Its a beute

  • Very very nice looking vec, a credit to you

  • sweet looking car mate.

  • Very shinny

  • Very Clean Ride :)

  • Spot on Vec C there. Hope to get my Vec in that type of shape one day.

  • Awesome motor

  • Fantastic looking Vectra. Wish I could get mine looking this good.

  • its a fantastic looking vectra should win

  • Nice looking Vectra you got there pal... get's my vote :)

  • very very nice ......

  • kev willis the techno viking!!!!!!!!

  • Very nice for a C.

  • Nice clean car that mate, credit to you and your hard work!

  • great looking car!!!!

  • Awsome Vec C

  • very tidy looking vectra, well looked after motor

  • thats the best looking vec i have see in a long time , got a fantastic depth to the colour

  • very nice

  • its a beaut

  • Awesome lookng Vec 😃

  • Well worthy contender ,Should be a worthy winner .Nice motor Nick.

  • Fantastic, clean looking car with real depth of shine in the pics

  • Looks spot on !

  • the finished result is very mirror like

  • not heard of dodo juice, but after seeing this stunning car i'm off to order some. looks fab.

  • Hey liking the pictures

  • Great looking vectra with a nice variety of pics. Easily my favourite!

  • cracking looking motor, can't believe a vectra could look so good lol

  • nicks car is amazing..and these are great pics!!!

  • nice shine on first picture...can tell you look after your car. shame its a vectra ahaa...

  • gorgeous looking car, good pics too. well done owner.

  • stunning car very cool pics suit the backdrop nice to see a silver with a deep shine

  • Looks like a brand new car!

  • Stunning vectra, what a shine, wish I could get my motor to this standard. This has to win.

  • looks totally stunning got my vote

  • great looking motor and fantastic pics.

  • Gorgeous looking Vectra, & surely deserves to win.

  • stunning work to get a silver car looking that glossy and reflective, well done.

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