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Mazda RX-8 - Mark Cadwallander

Entered for the February 2014 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Mark Cadwallander

Make: Mazda

Model: RX-8

Year: 2006

Viewed: 4321 times.

Votes/Comments: 68

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Mazda RX-8
Mazda RX-8
Mazda RX-8
Mazda RX-8

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How Mark Used Our Products

The car is a 354BHP Pettit Supercharged Mazda RX-8. It has been part of an almost 8 year project, from rubber to roof and had over £30k work of completed. I have been asked to display it in magazines but have always said no.

Well I always start with the two to three watering cans of rain water, I do not use any other type of water for the car, and we have a 400 gallon tank that’s fed from the garage roof. It’s also filtered so no grit can get into a can.

The car is rinsed off first, then I use an Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner to give the car a good clean. I use a wash mitt in this process to take off as much of the dirt I can, then the watering can to rinse off any smears left behind.

Next step is to mop the car semi dry, as rain water has no lime scale in it so you do not get any water mark beads left on the paint work, also it will allow you to polish without getting swirl marks. I use Autoglym High Definition Wax next, two coats with twenty minutes between each coat then, a top coat of Dodo Juice Orange Crush to leave a high shine using a clean buffing cloth for each coat. The last coat is the clear Autoglym Super Resin Polish, leave for 5 minutes and polish to a high shine with two Lamb’s Wool mitts, having mitts on to polish stops you putting oils from your hands back on to the polished paint work.

Cover the car for the night and re-do this process again the next day, I do this 4 times a year the paint work on my car is 7 years old. It’s a Burnt Orange Pearl flip that changes colour with heat or light. As you can see with these shots below.

I attend club meets or go to a show with others, the wheels are complete the same way but they get at least one coat of High Definition Wax and Super Resin Polish.

Thank you for taking the time to look.

Comments from Voters

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  • Awesome car, beautiful colour, good luck x

  • fantastic

  • Exceptional RX-8

  • One of the best rx8 I have seen

  • That just deserves the best detailing products to be used on it

  • That car is gorgeous

  • deserved winner!

  • lovely looking car

  • Stunning

  • Quality car has to be a winnwer

  • wow nice wheels love the car

  • Deep enough for diving! Far better than a photochopped 1 series!

  • Stunning in every way

  • excellent quality finish

  • Just wow.

  • Awesome

  • Beautiful Car! Obviously a lot of time and effort has gone into her!

  • stunning car

  • Another stunning RX8

  • Deserves to win, excellent job

  • Wow, incredible

  • Lot of work gone into this

  • Tremendous lookin` RX-8

  • Love the doors! Beautiful car!!

  • Love the colour, awesome car, surely a worthy winner

  • An stunning example of how to be a proud owner!

  • Excellent Car

  • Beautiful machine

  • A truly stunning car in an awesome colour

  • Brilliant

  • WOW absoluteley stunning in all aspects, should be a winner, created with love I think

  • Awesome

  • Super car with purposeful mods :)

  • Superb!

  • got to in this

  • Another Sexy looking rx8

  • Niiiiiice

  • Top job great colour

  • Love this car

  • Such color, much fast, wow.

  • simply stunning!

  • pimped rx8!

  • Great looking car, great colour too.!

  • As if last months RX8 wasn't stunning enough! Totally unique!

  • Stunning machine, and 354hp from a 1.3!

  • Amazing example of a thoroughly modified S1 RX8

  • amazing

  • M.w still looking good

  • A.b it's like glass

  • Great job

  • If you think the exterior is great, the attention to detail even in the Boot is outstanding

  • Wow, Such a lovely colour!

  • Fantastic car, quality throughout

  • There has been so much work done on this car, and is truly a one off.

  • Fantastic & unique

  • that is some of the best mods i have seen and the paint is deep enough to jump in A1

  • Staggering! Nice work.

  • Thats dedication

  • Glorious!

  • Oooh! Nice and Shiny - defo winner

  • Outstanding!

  • A total one off RX-8 - no other comes close for its appearance and performance.

  • I know the owner of this car very well & is fantastic in the metal !!

  • Amazing Finish!

  • Amazing Car!! and fantastic Shine!

  • I've known this car for a while and it is a credit to it's owner

  • That colour is amazing!

  • I've always admired this car, that colour is awesome.

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