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Volvo 480 Celebration - Chris Wickers - Winner November 2014

Entered for the November 2014 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Chris Wickers

Make: Volvo

Model: 480 Celebration

Year: 1995

Viewed: 4734 times.

Votes/Comments: 51

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Volvo 480 Celebration
Volvo 480 Celebration
Volvo 480 Celebration
Volvo 480 Celebration

Products Used

How Chris Used Our Products

The 480 Celebration was the last produced 480 model in 1995 and was limited to a production run of 480 vehicles. I have owned a 480 since 1990 and this is my second having been purchased in 2013. It came with leather, and air conditioning as standard, and my vehicle is fitted with the automatic box. It is a regular attendee at Volvo Owners Club events (

I started with washing the car (Turtle Wax Shampoo) and then set to work as follows:

The whole car was first of all done with paint restorer to bring back the colour to the magnificent cherry red - this took a considerable amount of work and time, but also gave a good finish to apply the Autoglym Super Resin Polish, which was then followed with a treatment of the extra gloss protection.

The Alloy wheels were treated and cleaned with Autoglym Clean Wheels and subsequently sealed with the Autoglym Alloy Wheel Seal (both these products are available in the Autoglym Perfect Wheels Kit, which I have just re-ordered.

Next was the glass, and in my opinion the Autoglym Car Glass Polish is some of the best on the market - it provides a coating of the glass and dries very quickly allowing it to be buffed off with no residue and a perfect clean glass.

Finally the black trim was dealt with by Autoglym Bumper and Trim Gel to bring back the black.

Comments from Voters

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  • I would like to register my vote for Chris Wickers and his Volvo 480.

  • Well done. Now let's just try and make sure you drive it often enough this time :)

  • Stunning car with very rare 'pop up' lights

  • my vote goes to Chris and his Volvo 480

  • Great car

  • Stunning car! Completely different to the 240 I taught you to drive in when you were 17

  • A beautiful colour!

  • Fantastic vehicel - sadly noty many around now!

  • This shows what can be done if you care for the car as Chris obviously does, well done mate.

  • I would like to register my vote for Chris Wickers and his Volvo 480.

  • A rare car - being well kept!

  • Well cared for and loved!

  • A dedicated owner who believes in driving them as well as polishing them.

  • A very nice car, wish there were more about.

  • Beautiful 480!

  • A well cared for car which shows the amount of effort that has been put in to retain its saleroom co

  • I know Chris and this car well - it really is as good as it looks!

  • wow...looking good

  • Looks good to me!

  • A beautiful car and a credit to Chris

  • Beautiful car!

  • beautiful looking - credit to polish

  • I like this

  • Looks like my other car

  • That's a nice car

  • I love that car

  • Nice car

  • Looking good Chris - wish I still had my Celebration!

  • Nice clean gleaming machine Chris

  • Great job Chris, hope to see the car at some shows soon

  • Good effort Chris, well done

  • Car looks fantastic, a super example of the model

  • Looks Excellent Chris

  • these are the same products I use on my car, and having seen Chris' car can vouch for its standard.

  • excellent job. Well done, chris

  • The 480 is a fabulous car, I've had 3 including the Turbo model. Chris's car is a credit to him.

  • cool car. nice job.

  • Excellent car and a great owner. Good luck

  • A lovely looking car Chris. Can you come here and clean an 850 and V70 please?

  • Looks great. Don't see many of these around now

  • An excellent example of this model with care and consideration given to concourse condition bodywork

  • This is the winner. Looks better now then when it came of the production line. Just brilliant!!

  • The best 480 I've seen in a long time

  • Super 480

  • An excellent car and a very keen owner always in top condition

  • Here is another vote for you well done

  • You have my vote

  • great looking example of this rare car

  • What an excellent job Chris the car looks fantastic, I agree with your comments on Autoglym products

  • Looks like it could do another 10 mph so clean and sparkle.

  • What a fantastic car

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