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Honda Civic Type-R - Simon Everard

Entered for the December 2014 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Simon Everard

Make: Honda

Model: Civic Type-R

Year: 2005

Viewed: 4836 times.

Votes/Comments: 15

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Honda Civic Type-R

Products Used

How Simon Used Our Products

The process started with a complete iron decontamination using AutoFinesse Iron Out. This was applied to the bodywork and wheels and left to dwell for 5 minutes. The product was then removed with a rinse from a pressure washer.

Next larger debris was dislodged and removed with AutoFinesse avalanche snow foam. After dwelling for 5 minutes, this was rinsed off.

The wheels were then thoroughly cleaned with Wonder Wheels Hot Wheels, rinsed, and then washed with AutoGlym Shampoo Conditioner.

The bodywork was washed with a two bucket method using AutoGlym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner. This was then rinsed with a pressure washer.

The paintwork was then coated with AutoFinesse Ultra Glaze for a deep shine and protection and then finished off with a coat of Chemical Guys Buttery Wet Wax.

Finally the chrome exhaust tips were polished with Meguiars NXT Metal Polish and the vinyl trim was treated with AutoGlym Vinyl & Rubber Care.

Comments from Voters

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  • Lovely

  • Nice

  • Awesome

  • Fantastic car in beautiful A1 condition.

  • Top whip there. Definitely has my vote.

  • Now that's what I call shiny!

  • Dude best car on here such attention to detail!!

  • that is definitely a car

  • a whole new level of clean...

  • didnt know there were contests for this kind of thing, but thats a damn shiny car

  • tidy car & sick shots!

  • Defo got my vote!

  • yooo this car is clean mate

  • love the backdrop sh

  • Amazing shine! This gets my vote

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