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BMW 323ise saloon - Peter Cormack - Winner May 2009

Entered for the May 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Peter Cormack

Make: BMW

Model: 323ise saloon

Year: 2000

Viewed: 8098 times.

Votes/Comments: 124

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BMW 323ise saloon
BMW 323ise saloon
BMW 323ise saloon

Products Used

How Peter Used Our Products

My car is a solid black BMW and as you can imagine it is hard to maintain.

Over the last year it has picked up some swirls and scratches with washing, so ii needed to polish it using a DA Polisher.

Step 1. Washed car Step 2. Tar and glue remover Step 3. Clayed car Step 4. Intensive polish on cutting pad by DA Step 5. Final polish on Polishing pad Step 6. Blackhole glaze on final finish pad Step 7. Wax Step 8. Polish windows and general dust down Step 9. Take it outside and admire the shine Step 10. Collapse in a heap after 2 days hard work - LOL

Comments from Voters

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  • great condition for the year

  • Great car..That reminds me i must buy some quick detailer

  • Wow not a spot of dirt on that one

  • Great results....7th Heaven

  • Look you missed a bit

  • Can you do mine as its very very dirty

  • nice motor

  • shiny i like shiny

  • its a winner

  • great job there

  • wow nice what can i say well done today at s & s

  • great car mate

  • cool

  • cool

  • clean

  • wow

  • sound

  • nice car shame about the driver

  • is that the best u can do lookout tomorow mate

  • cool what shine

  • love it

  • Wow is all I can say wow wow

  • Just look at those reflections

  • You have got to love Black

  • Champion

  • Nice shine..Now it`s worth the 2k lol

  • It`s ok i guess

  • got to love black

  • now i wish my car looked like this

  • my favorit car bmw and black

  • see you have a passion there

  • shiny

  • some shine babes

  • like the shine on that bmw

  • Rock on..What a shine

  • Fantastic

  • super dooper

  • can you get it any shinyer

  • you can do my new fiat like this its black too mate

  • wow

  • Hope you win mate looks ace bmwccscotland

  • Looks superb

  • gerald bmw car club, very clean

  • Best for sure for sure

  • love the shine

  • Great car there

  • I cant see now its soooooooo shiny

  • Thats my daddys bimmer

  • Can i have a drive?

  • stunning

  • Just amazing

  • Shiny Shiny!!

  • Well done good luck mate


  • come and do that to your sisters car xxx

  • like the shine wow...

  • You've done a great job there but I'll still beat u at show and shine

  • hi babes do my mini like that and i will give you a big kiss

  • bud that is very good

  • hey can you do mine like that its mike

  • very very good finnish black is the best

  • thats shiny mate

  • you get my vote its shiny boy

  • hey you thats clean

  • great job cool...

  • Gorgeous car..Can i have your phone number hun

  • Psst Shiney BM..Gets the nod fae me..BMWCCSCOTLAND

  • Sorry Simon,but the BM gets my vote

  • best finish i have seen on this comp

  • More shiney than a shiney thing

  • mate what a car

  • nice finish

  • got to love that shine great job well done

  • thats some shine just love black

  • wow 2 days hard work paid off

  • Great car..Ma Club!!!!

  • thats amazing so it is

  • Thats the daddy of all shines

  • excellent

  • lovely jubbly

  • you can do my bmw when i get it very shiny

  • super smashing great

  • Nice..Thanks for sharing..Must buy some of that wax you own

  • what an amazing looking finish..great choice of products used

  • nice shine wheres my sunglases

  • Nice car,alloys and pics

  • Love the reflection shots..Nice shine

  • dan your dads car is sweet

  • job well done was it the wife that done that lol

  • sven says lovely and shiney

  • Now that is nice

  • you'll have to do mine

  • Wow it's brian here when u doing mine mate

  • Wow that's shiny Cormack

  • keep up the good work Peter

  • What a great job you have done there

  • mmm Close between the Focus and the BM,But the BM gets my vote

  • Nice reflections

  • No better look than shiney black!

  • Good Luck looking good

  • Looks like a mirror well done :-)

  • Jet black...Love it

  • That`s a lovely shine you have there,nice backdrop also

  • nice

  • Wow very shiny peter

  • Looks superb mate keep up the good work

  • nice finish

  • amazing job , best i have seen,,credit where it is due !,,love it !

  • This is such a nice car and nice house.

  • cool great car nice shine

  • black is shiney cool

  • great coulor cool

  • good finnish good luck mate

  • shiney

  • Great looking car,like the wheels too

  • Can't wait to see this at the Show n Shine at the end of May

  • Very clean Peter,

  • Good luck

  • What i shine on that lovely Bmw

  • Great work, looking very shiny indeed!

  • cool great finnish

  • wow what a shine

  • lookin good what a shine

  • What an amazing shine

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