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Toyota MR2 - Rory Mainwaring

Entered for the April 2015 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Rory Mainwaring

Make: Toyota

Model: MR2

Year: 1993

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Toyota MR2
Toyota MR2
Toyota MR2
Toyota MR2

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How Rory Used Our Products

When I had bought the car, the body work was horrible. There were so many swirl marks all over from front to back and scratches from hell all over. The black colour was so faded and dull it left very bad oxidation in the paint work. There was no shine or reflection only dull and fade. This had covered all over the car until I fully detailed it which took me 15 hours on day 1 and 12 hours on day 2, which then I had completed my hard work.

I started by wetting the car as you would first, then I applied NXT Car Wash with sheep’s wools mitt in a straight line lightly not in circle motions that would cause swirls and more scratches. I then washed the soap off bit by bit on each panel so I won’t get any dried soap spots and then I fully Chamois the whole vehicle gently in a straight line so I won’t cause anymore scratches. This made my car look better as it made it cleaner and shiny.

The second stage I used Meguiar's Quick Clay Bar to remove unseen dirt from the acidic in the air and break and pollution dust in the air and from other vehicles. I used a microfibre cloth to remove the clay bar wax, this made my Vehicle even more shiny and not as dull as it was. The next stage I had to do was use Meguiars Ultimate Compound with the tougher burgundy pad Which will remove Scratches and swirls and even bring the paint job out new by Removing a very thin layer of the cars paint to bring out a fresh coat. This had been successful as I used the compound with the cutting pad. This removed oxidation and scratches and swirls and the car was looking almost brand new.

I removed the polish with a microfibre cloth and I went over the same areas of the body work many times to get the best results which I had achieved. The next process was the Meguiars Ultimate Polish with the polish pad in yellow which is softer I used this to bring the cars paint out into even more depth making it mirrored and in depth of colour and shine and to have an extra process of removing even more scratches and swirls which isn’t noticeable after the Compound. I removed the polish with a microfibre cloth and the shine and look of the car made it look Brand new.

I went over the same parts of the body work many times to get the best results. The next Stage was with Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax I used this with an even softer pad in black. This wax will protect my car from erosion and the bad pollution from other vehicles on the roads and the particles in the air. This not only did that but it also brought the cars depth of colour and clarity out even more again the smoothness and the shine of the body work was so in depth after the wax nothing stuck to the body work not even dust or water. I removed the wax with a microfibre cloth.

After it was removed anything that I put on the body work just slid off. My results were out of this world. Value of the car before the detailing was £800 which I have added an extra value of £1000 from the detailing results. I recommend Meguiar's to anyone.

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