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Honda Civic Type R - Michael Gibson - Winner April 2015

Entered for the April 2015 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Michael Gibson

Make: Honda

Model: Civic Type R

Year: 2005

Viewed: 5499 times.

Votes/Comments: 57

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Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R

Products Used

How Michael Used Our Products

My Milano Red Honda Civic Type R EP3. There are many 'Milano Pink' examples out there however I have tried my best to get the most out of the red. In order to do this I used various products. To start with I used Dodo Juice Purple Haze for the wash stage and also Auto Finesse Iron Out on the wheels to clean off contaminants. After washing and drying I used Dodo Juice Lime Prime as a pre wax cleanser and also to slightly polish out minor swirls.

Next I desided to use Auto Finesse Ultra Glaze to see how that would work, I liked how it looked and again it helped to fill in minor swirls. For the wax phase I used Dodo Juice Orange Crush, it helped bring out the red and I was very impressed with it.

To finish and protect I used Auto Finesse Tough Coat. Overall I was very pleased with the outcome.

Comments from Voters

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  • Super. Smashing. Great

  • Has to be one of the better examples of a civic type R out there!

  • Vroom. Vroom. Looks brand new

  • This is the car of my dreams. Who ever owns this has good taste.

  • Should be a show car!

  • A very clean EP3, Milano red looking at its best. Good job!

  • Really has brought out the best in that red!

  • be nice to own this

  • I do love this one!

  • Stunning type R!! immaculate finish

  • This car looks amazing!

  • Superb finish - excellent condition

  • Is this car for sale?

  • ooh this car definitely has the ultimate finish

  • Looks awesome! Very shiny finish!!

  • Look at all that sexy Dodo Juice!!

  • Love the colour and the alloys

  • wow !! just wow

  • Mint Car, well looked after..

  • Excellent condition!

  • Mint car in great condition

  • A perfect example of an already nice car

  • beast mode

  • Beautiful car, excellent finish!!

  • Love this car..

  • It's quite nice actually ☺️

  • Braaaaaapppppp VTEC for the win. Very clean car, love it!

  • Lovely car - very impressive

  • sweet condition!

  • Love this car

  • Great looking car here

  • Great car in superb condition

  • This car needs to win the April competition!! Great finish and looks amazing

  • Love this shape better than the newer model and obvs looked after by the owner by the gleam!!

  • Oooo its shiny!!! :-)

  • WOW that looks fantastic!

  • A clean looking example of a future classic

  • Mint wheels

  • Amazing looking car

  • Best finish I've seen, paint and wheels look right on point

  • This car looks like it's come straight from the showroom

  • Nice car.

  • could use that car as a mirror to put my make up on :)

  • Nice. :)

  • Stunning!

  • Milano Red - The best colour for a civic type R. Looks superb!!

  • Very tidy civic. The red is looking really deep and well fished as opposed to some sun faded reds

  • Fantastic finish, looks in mint condition

  • Wow that looks superb!

  • Can see this is a well looked after car. One of the best kept cars I've seen. Great job to the owner

  • A very well looked after motor. Looks fantastic.

  • Can see my reflection in that car, its so shiny! WOW

  • WOW! Look at the shine on that car. An owner who loves his car. A man after my own heart.

  • Well maintained car. Owner obviously spends a lot of time making it look this good.

  • Lovely looking car.

  • Fantastic Job. Looks great!

  • OOF! Very, very tidy example of an EP3, looking good!!

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