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Ford Focus - Kieron Brennan - Winner June 2009

Entered for the June 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Kieron Brennan

Make: Ford

Model: Focus

Year: 2003

Viewed: 6809 times.

Votes/Comments: 106

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Ford Focus
Ford Focus
Ford Focus
Ford Focus

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I love my car looking nice and clean. There's nothing better then seeing a nice clean, swirl mark free black car. First I wash the car using the two bucket method. Then I spend hours polishing and waxing until the body work shines.

Comments from Voters

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  • gets my vote

  • one word..... wow

  • wish we could get those parts over here in the states

  • Looks just like my car... expect I drive a 206 lol

  • heres wishing you luck chuck :)

  • wow good prize you get. I'll put my car up next month

  • I cant tell you how much polish this blokes used since he's owned that car!!!

  • who let the riff raff on here :D good work kier

  • I know you spent lots on her. Keep up the good work

  • phat motor :P

  • thats rubbish.. Only joking fella nice work

  • simply the best...

  • you owe me for the vote. but yeah never seen the car so clean :P

  • dude.... sweet...

  • oi stealing my ideas for automotive heaven :P

  • thats nice

  • thats automotive adultry :P

  • thats one sick motor

  • sweet

  • fab job

  • lol you actually put your car on here. good luck :P

  • steve here thought id give you my vote

  • phoar sexy car mate :D

  • wowzer :P

  • bet your insurance costs a bomb with those mods :(

  • top dollar xD

  • one of the best looking focus's round here. nice one pal :D

  • that cars fast. not only the looks thats been changed :P

  • pukka job

  • awsome

  • quality job

  • alright fella nice job

  • fab motor

  • nice job

  • nice kit. Thats the one I want to get

  • nice car shame about the driver :P

  • sweet ride. proper pimped

  • good job fella

  • best focus around

  • best focus i have seen

  • great car

  • cool beans :D

  • brill job mate

  • nice clean car. nice one hun

  • wow sweet ride

  • been in this car looks mint inside as well

  • nice one

  • nice one bub :D

  • thats what i want my focus to look like

  • top marks goto you :)

  • this cars got to win :D love it

  • i want one

  • nice job

  • nice in black

  • nice one

  • gorgeous

  • great looking Focus

  • Yo man nice car

  • lovely job

  • was this at ford fair last year? if so it still looks good.

  • good one man. Nice to see an average car on here

  • nice one mate

  • fab motor

  • stunning focus. My fav car

  • nice one fella.

  • fine car that

  • can i buy that car off you :D

  • looks like the bat mobile :o

  • great example

  • quality

  • Shining example of stealth personified - immaculate !!! (Mr. envious)

  • nice

  • I have seen this car and it is mint. I wished mine was as shiny

  • nice : )

  • nice finish

  • wicked focus

  • very nice

  • alright mate g here good to see your car on here

  • hey, im sure ive seen that car about gorjus :)

  • hey mate great job good luck

  • stunning pictures

  • not a fan of fords but thats a tidy car

  • you can wash mine anyday ;)

  • how much you spent on that? wow!!

  • my 1st car was a focus great ride and that one has the look to.

  • looks just hoow i want my car to look. great job

  • ill swap my pug 206 for your car :D

  • one of my fav makes of car.

  • come clean mine lol. wish mine was that clean

  • love st's man

  • as per the other comments nice car

  • I love the mark 1 focus. Nice example. top job

  • thats my baby's car. she's lovely :)

  • I want one. thats all i can say

  • Nice photos of a clean car congrats

  • one of my favourite car in the club :D

  • always does the club proud

  • Lovely job

  • Stunning car.

  • Very nice ride

  • Fantastic, lovin' the colour

  • love black cars good work

  • stunning example

  • lovely car

  • stunning

  • wow love this focus

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