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VW Polo GTi - George Morgan - Winner April 2016

Entered for the April 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: George Morgan

Make: VW

Model: Polo GTi

Year: 2007

Viewed: 3392 times.

Votes/Comments: 55

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VW Polo GTi
VW Polo GTi
VW Polo GTi

Products Used

How George Used Our Products

The car was first washed down, with snow foam and left to soak, arches and wheels washed and then body work was hand washed and rinsed down.

hand dried and then applied the paint cleaner, followed by the polish and the finally the wax...tyres and trims all then treated.

Glass then cleaned and then treated myself to a beer.

Comments from Voters

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  • Sweet ride got 1 my self

  • Very nice. Time well spent cleaning.

  • Ooda lolly! Solid gold hubcaps

  • Nice car Mr Morgan

  • Can't go wrong with a GTi

  • Mucho bueno

  • Big up the GTi massive

  • Tasty little number

  • very clean mate

  • Good luck from all at caddy club

  • Looks clean!! Stunning car fair play

  • Looks nice!!

  • Deserves to win

  • Wundabar das ist gud

  • Super clean Polo

  • Sparkling clean

  • A blue evo would look nicer

  • Good luck dude

  • Perfect mate

  • That's clean!!

  • Now this is what you call Killick clean!

  • He sure knows how to run a rag around a car. Shame he didn't clean the back seat as well!

  • Let's do the van gough

  • this car is awesome

  • this car is wicked

  • A brilliant example. Nicely kept!

  • good luck

  • winner winner chicken dinner

  • Nice mate

  • Good luck

  • Looking sweeeet

  • Cracking job

  • Well done from boiling point

  • Voting for the cleanest and not the newest or most desired

  • They ain't 10s but he keeps em clean

  • Gonna get me some craaaaaaaaw fish.

  • amazing just like the owner ;) X

  • That'll do pig.

  • Woof.

  • Seen this at a show, it's miss or finish! Pics don't do it justice

  • Looks sweet

  • That maguires is amazing

  • Good work mate, seen this around and the pics don't do it justice!

  • looks well clean dude

  • Pork and Beans

  • My vote goes here great looking car

  • the cleanliness of his car is an absolute credit to him

  • I like short shorts

  • Can't help but love these cars!needs lowering and wider wheels though!

  • Sweet polo

  • need to get this for my Golf

  • amazing

  • love it

  • looks like glass! love these cars

  • looking shiney

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