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BMW E92 330d M-Sport - Mubashar Sapru

Entered for the May 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Mubashar Sapru

Make: BMW

Model: E92 330d M-Sport

Year: 2007

Viewed: 3312 times.

Votes/Comments: 84

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BMW E92 330d M-Sport
BMW E92 330d M-Sport
BMW E92 330d M-Sport
BMW E92 330d M-Sport

Products Used

How Mubashar Used Our Products

Thanks for taking a look at my BMW E92 330d, just gave it a much needed spring detail! Note: No pressure washer, DA polisher or no snow foam were used.

Unfortunately the previous owners never took good care of the car so alloys and paintwork need some TLC. However, I set about doing all I could by hand, spent just over 6 hours doing the following:

  1. Bathe car in APC to degrease bodywork as part of pre-wash stage. Leave to dwell for around 10 mins followed by a thorough rinse.
  2. Wheel clean: spray Gtechniq W6 liberally on wheels and leave to dwell for 5 mins. Use bucket with grit guard and first microfibre mitt to thoroughly clean wheels and rinse
  3. Spray Gtechniq W8 bug remover on affected areas of the car and Gtechniq W6 on lower body panels and trim near the wheel arches. Leave to dwell for 5-10 mins.
  4. Wash car with Gtechniq G-Wash using a second clean microfibre mitt, buckets with grit guard and 2-bucket method. Rinse car thoroughly. Wash again. Rinse.
  5. Exhaust tips: apply Gtechniq W6 and leave to dwell for 5 mins then agitate and rinse. Apply R222 metal polishing soap, clean vigorously and rinse. Repeat as necessary. In this instance I also used the clay bar on the exhaust tips to shift stubborn dirt
  6. Using Gtechniq QD & Water, undertake clay bar process on body work
  7. Thoroughly rinse the car and then dry using Gtechniq super dry microfibre cloth
  8. Apply first stage of dressing to tyres using Gtechniq T1
  9. Apply Dodo Juice's lime prime lite to cleaner fluid applicator and use as necessary. NB: I found this product too difficult and time consuming to apply by hand despite following the instructions to the letter. I only used it on the bonnet and boot lid. I would recommend others use it with a DA polisher.
  10. Apply R222 Concours Wax on body panels and trim working in small sections in overlapping actions, work it into the panel well and leave to cure - not necessary but I find it works better this way - and buff away with microfibre
  11. Apply second stage of dressing to tyres using Gtechniq T1
  12. Clean windows inside and out using Gtechniq G6 and microfibre pad suited for glass
  13. Apply R222 Concours Wax to all glass and leave to cure before buffing away with microfibre
  14. Apply R222 Concours Wax to alloys and leave to cure before buffing away with microfibre Will hopefully get round to detailing the interior soon!

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  • Well done!!!

  • Looks sick

  • Looks epic. Love it!

  • Sick job mate.


  • Looking very good.

  • lovely car

  • fabulous car i wish i had one :)

  • Nice work

  • Lovely finish! Looks better than some cars I've seen at the dealership

  • Really really smart and cool!

  • Excellent job mate.

  • a job very well done indeed!

  • nice finish, super effort

  • What is shiny may never die

  • Looks so Good!!!!!

  • Love it. Well done!


  • When you coming to get my car looking this good? LOL

  • Amazing job. All your effort paid off.

  • Amazing Mubashar bhai. Will have to take me for a ride sometime

  • the car looks amazing. great job with real attention to detail

  • Excellent car mubzi bhai

  • Well done mubzy

  • looks so shiny. well done!

  • Love it!!!!!

  • WOW

  • Great job!

  • Showroom finish. Well done!

  • great job mate. love it

  • Car looks sick!!!!

  • Awesome dude awesome work awesome car

  • Wonderful job, very well down, fine effort!

  • You are a pro at detailing!!!

  • Winner winner chicken dinner!!!!

  • Shiny person! Shiny car! Flawless use of products! Fantastic work!

  • This is impressive stuff! Such dedication and the results speak for themselves. 'World Class'!

  • Wow, stunning job. You can pop round and do mine ;-))

  • The car looks amazing. You've done a great job.

  • Great job, that finish looks immaculate

  • Great job, looks fantastic with amazing shine!

  • Wow the car looks amazing!

  • Spot on!!

  • Love a black e92

  • Awesome!

  • Amazing work. Car looks fab!

  • Fantastic car!

  • Looks amazing!!

  • Looks great

  • This looks amazing!!

  • Wow!! It looks amazing!

  • Looks great!

  • Looks good!

  • Brilliant job Mubashar. Keep up the good work.

  • Great work the car looks amazing! Well done!

  • Nice car!

  • Amazing job - superb finish - looks like brand new, must have put lotta love and effort into it!

  • Amazing! How professional work can enhance outlook to show room condition. Fantastic job

  • Oh wow looks good! Car looks amazing

  • Looks like it came right out of a showroom, brilliant finish!

  • Looks great man, good luck!

  • you can wash my car anytime

  • Wow!

  • looks absolutely FAB well done!

  • Ooo nice and shiny !!!

  • Wow! Car looks stunning. Showroom condition. Shows awareness of the right products. Excellent!

  • Great work bro. Looking so clean and new. Waqar

  • I can now clearly see the difference between detailng and simple wash and wax. Great job!

  • Wow - you can come and do mine next!

  • Good shine and finish, excellent detailing on the wheels especially

  • Wow! Thats some detailing. Pure hard labour of love and it shows. Well done chap!

  • Incredible finish - better than a showroom

  • The car looks amazing and just like new

  • Wow looks amazing wish mine could look like that

  • Looks awesome, keep up the good work!

  • Good work Mubzi Bhai! Keep it up xx

  • Amazing!!!

  • Looks amazing! Great work keep it up!

  • A fantastic effort the care and attention to detail gone into this car is evident

  • Stylish car

  • Mubashar is a superb detailer and this is a great example of his work.

  • Amazing results especially without having a pressure washer or a DA polisher. It looks brand new!

  • Very nice finish!

  • Wow, stunning!

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