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Jaguar XE R-Sport - David Goode

Entered for the May 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: David Goode

Make: Jaguar

Model: XE R-Sport

Year: 2016

Viewed: 2050 times.

Votes/Comments: 17

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Jaguar XE R-Sport
Jaguar XE R-Sport

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How David Used Our Products

Sleek sexy Jaguar XE 180 R-Sport finished in ultimate black, with black and red interior trim. Clean time early morning or early evening to avoid the sun.. otherwise the car dries to quick. Start with a wheel clean one wheel at a time, then pressure wash to remove the big stuff, continue with a snow foam and allow to stand for 8 minutes then rinse.

Next stage using bodywork shampoo using the snow foam lance (I know it uses more product)but a quick run over the entire car allow a few minutes to settle, using a two bucket system with clean water soak the mitt and starting on the roof work in the bodywork shampoo going in one direction no circular motions we don't want swirls now do we! rinse the mitt in one bucket then the other and continue around the car leaving the bottom until last.

Rinse the car off then whilst wet use a aqua wax spray the car and wipe in, continue around the car the start buffing, open all the doors, boot and bonnet dry all the edges and inside of the doors. Clean the glass inside and out, next the wing mirrors and then the headlights and tail lights using fast glass. Buff the chrome tail pipes using a metal polish until gleaming.

Then dress the tyres, first general wipe using a general tyre cleaner then again using a vinyl and rubber care and buff. Close all the doors and check for drips and runs, wipe away... then walk the car looking for imperfections, if I've got more time I'll wax using a HD wax. And the final finish easily a showroom plus the flecks in the paint works sparkle in the sun...

Amazing finish resulting in a head turner....The inside is a new chapter...

Comments from Voters

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  • Great finish could look any better

  • Best car buy far

  • Fantastic finish, car looking great!

  • Awesome motor

  • Brilliant shine, really lifts the colour

  • Very nice!

  • great mirror finish

  • Quality motor, and the interior is superb.

  • Nice finish

  • Smashing car

  • Beautiful set of wheels

  • amazing shine, stunning in that colour

  • Great model looks amazing

  • Great design from jag, great colour choice

  • Stunning

  • What a shine...great looking car

  • Stunning x

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