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Porsche 968 Coupe - Chris Hazle

Entered for the July 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Chris Hazle

Make: Porsche

Model: 968 Coupe

Year: 1994

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Porsche 968 Coupe
Porsche 968 Coupe
Porsche 968 Coupe
Porsche 968 Coupe

Products Used

How Chris Used Our Products

I've had this car 10 1/2 years and am the second owner - the first had it hand washed and polished every week, and I've continued the process - but not weekly! I thought I'd looked after the paintwork well - using Autoglym bodywork shampoo, normal cellulose sponge then Autoglym silicone wiper and chamois - then, as required, Autoglym super resin polish. Having done some research (I've entered a mini-concours in mid July, first time ever!) I went shopping - wish I'd found this company earlier, but now I have. Stage 1 : good wash with shampoo and microfibre mitt, rinsing mitt in clean water between each use. Stage 2 : Hose off well then dry with microfibre cloths. Stage 3 : clean exterior glass with NXT Glass cleaner and microfibre cloths. Then, 1 panel at a time :

Water spray and clay bar the panel.

Depending on how bad the swirl marks were, I'd use the appropriate AG Bodyshop renovator, using my little 12v Pifco 710 40 watt polisher when I could or a microfibre cloth and elbow grease when I ruined the pads (rescued by this company - sonus pads and some 100mm velcro hook only from eBay cured the problem!). A little water spray assists. Occasionally I also used some Swirl X at this stage - there were lots of swirl marks, I thought from someone putting a machine on the car 8 years ago - but I now suspect the cellulose sponge may have been responsible!

Polish off the restorer with a damp microfibre cloth and water spray.

Deep Crystal Stage 1 applied by hand with Sonus applicator - polish off with clean microfibre cloth.

NXT Tech Wax applied with the included applicator and polished off with a clean microfibre cloth - 2 coats.

Move on to next panel.

Results are stunning - I'm expecting a few comments at the PCGB Region 25 meeting at Brands this evening! The paintwork was not only a bit dull, but the red had a tinge of dark purple in it. Now she is gleaming Guards Red as she should be - even the plastic bumpers and side sills.

I still have the interior and detailing to do - getting this far has taken the equivalent of at least 3 full days!

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