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Audi A1 - Thomas Rial

Entered for the June 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Thomas Rial

Make: Audi

Model: A1

Year: 2016

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Audi A1
Audi A1
Audi A1

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How Thomas Used Our Products

A few months ago I took delivery of a new Audi A1, despite requesting the dealer to leave the wraps on they removed all of the shipping wraps and washed it. As a result the car had minor swirls when it got to me, something I wasn't happy about. The idea was to seal the car as soon as I took delivery however the weather was not great and work commitments meant it went a good few months unprotected. Finally with a break from work and the weather picking up I set about sealing the whole car. Firstly I snow foamed the full car in bilt hamber auto foam using about a 1:10 dilution ratio and leaving to dwell for approx. 5 minutes before rinsing. I then used Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash and wax, using a Gtechniq wash mitt and the two bucket method. I then fully rinsed the car down and dried with an Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe drying towel.

Next I jacked up the car and removed the wheels and give them a thorough clean using Auto Finesse Citrus Power applied to both the front and backs of the rim and allowed to dwell for 2-3 mins and then pressure washed off. I did the same for both the front and rear arches using a detailing brush and microfibre to wipe the dirt away. Once dry I then applied GYEON Fabric Coat to the rear arches by lightly spraying the full arch and leaving to cure for an hour before adding a second coating. I also set about applying GYEON rim to the wheels applying a thick coat to both the front and backs and leaving to cure for 5 mins before fully buffing off. These where then left for an hour and then another coat was applied. I then left them in the house overnight to ensure they were warm and in case of any sudden showers. I then addressed each panel using Auto Finesse Tar Remover to remove the small amounts of tar attached the car. I then gave the whole car a quick going over with Menzerna medium cut polish to remove the majority of the swirl marks.

After that I prepped the whole car in Auto Finesse Tough Prep applying a pea size amount to a microfibre applicator pad and working in straight lines, one panel at a time working the product into the paint before buffing immediately. I then began coating the paintwork in the auto finesse tough coat working in a similar fashion to tough prep spraying a light amount on a sponge applicator and working into the panel before buffing immediately after I then went round the whole car before going back around again applying a second coat.

Once the paintwork was complete I coated the front arches and exterior in GYEON Trim applying a small amount the suede applicators and working into the plastics before buffing after 2 mins. I then applied this to the front grille and the honeycomb grilles on the front fog surrounds and rear diffuser using q-tips before buffing. Then using what was left of the GYEON Rim I coated the chrome exhaust tips and the front and rear brake callipers.

With it getting dark I left it till the next day before putting the wheels back on. Finally I set about coating the glass giving it a thorough clean before adding Gtechniq glass coating to the windscreen and side windows. I added two coats to the windscreen and one to the side and rear windows before leaving for 15 mins and then buffing using a cotton cloth. That concluded the two day detail leaving the car fully sealed for months to come.

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