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Subaru Impreza P1 - Scott Goldie - Winner September 2009

Entered for the September 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Scott Goldie

Make: Subaru

Model: Impreza P1

Year: 2001

Viewed: 10673 times.

Votes/Comments: 80

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Subaru Impreza P1
Subaru Impreza P1
Subaru Impreza P1
Subaru Impreza P1

Products Used

How Scott Used Our Products

First of all I washed the car with Poorboys Superslick & Suds Shampoo using the two bucket method, I clay barred the full car. Then I used a dual action machine with the Poorboys Polish with Carnuba Blue for five coats, I then used the machine at a slower speed to seal it by using Poorboys exp sealant and again five coats were applied.

Then the top coat was Poorboys Natty.s Paste Red which was applied by an applicator pad and fourty coats were applied yes fourty coats.In between all of the fourty coats I used Dodo Juice Red Mist very easy to use and smells nice just like all the other Poorboys products I use.

I then moved onto the wheels, I took all four wheels off washed them and sealed them with wheel sealant before putting the wheels back on I cleaned the callipers and also sealed them with Poorboys Wheel Sealant, both the inside and the outside of the tyres were dressed using bold and bright tyre dressing.

I then bought Zymol Concours glaze and so far I have applied five coats, since then I have bought Zymol Destiny but not yet broke the seal. In total I spent 250 hours perfecting my P1.

Comments from Voters

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  • Nice clean and shiney motor mate

  • Beautiful car; gets my vote.

  • Stunning example of a P1!!!!

  • good work

  • Soooo cool!

  • Stunning example, fantastic job!!

  • Gleaming as always.

  • here we go you should win by a mile mukka

  • what a cracker ocd is it lol

  • Nice scoob mate. seen this on ayrshire scoobs crackin motor

  • aw the way lol

  • what a cracker mate keep it clean

  • gorgeous p1 fella

  • this p1 is mint

  • wish mine had an engine bay like that

  • stunning

  • nice work

  • Thats the shiniest pipe Ive seen in ages!!!

  • Looks fantastic

  • this one definetly gets my vote. stunning example of a classic P1.

  • sweet ride, i wish i had your patience to clean my cat to half that standard. Ten Thumbs up

  • OCD to the extreme – but well worth it! Car never left the factory that clean.

  • Lovely example, very well maintained!

  • fantastic looking car. When can ya do mine?

  • Here's a vote from the boys and girls!

  • quality job mate - P1 looks the business

  • stunning

  • fantastic work Scott, sinply stunning and a great choice of car too! ;o)

  • minted car m8

  • Makes my P1 look so dirty.....even after i've cleaned it.

  • Awsome

  • simply stunning m8

  • heres a vote from SS mate

  • seen this for real nice machine

  • Fine looking subaru a l,ot of work went into that well done

  • Nice garage. The car's not bad either :o) Absolutely stunning Scott! Jim S.

  • stunning motor a lot of care and attention spent

  • Stunning P1 mate,cracking job! mon the scoobs :-)

  • so well looked after fantastic results

  • A stunning example and obviously lots of work to keep it looking that good

  • Stunning job scott

  • Stunnin car!!!

  • lots of time spent on a lovely car, good job !

  • good honest hard work, with a quality product. top results


  • absalutly immaculate!!!

  • best p1 left in the world without a doubt, top class concourse condition

  • Stunning example of a P1, immaculate

  • Superb! Seenthis in person and its clean!!

  • Love P1's well done. :-)

  • this is a stunning car and is kept extremely clean

  • A total credit to you mate!!

  • that looks absolutely amazing scott, real credit 2 u

  • 400 views and 19 votes, whats wrong with people!!! Ultimate Impreza in Ultimate condition

  • Cracking motor you have there and obviously well loved - P1 Dave

  • Looks great Scott! Finally the internet is working!

  • i can't believe how clean that is on the underside!!!!

  • Amazingly clean, excellent condition for a 9 year old car

  • Awesome piece of kit that!

  • Very nice

  • One of the best I've seen

  • stunning!!!

  • Wow, clean!

  • cool car for a cool guy. looks great :-)

  • is that the first time the car has been out the garage ? Looks like new. Clean my car any day.

  • Blank cheque in the post if you want it!!!!

  • Stunning Mota

  • Nice Car

  • Nice job, car does you credit

  • Very nice car a lot of effort has been put into it.( is the reg personal ) SAG

  • this p1 must have heads turning no wonder it looks TERRIFIC . well done .

  • wow lovely looking car cracking good shine on it

  • his car is metal it is awesome

  • Very nice, but did I notice a cobweb in the corner of the garage?

  • car in excellent condition well looked after obviously loves his car PERFECTIONIST

  • Looks the very biz.

  • Excellent car, very good condition and well looked after :-)

  • gleaming

  • This car looks outstanding! I wish I could get my VR4 to look this perfect!

  • very clean car looks like it's well looked after

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