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Triumph Stag - Andrea Tinkler - Winner November 2009

Entered for the November 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Andrea Tinkler

Make: Triumph

Model: Stag

Year: 1973

Viewed: 8101 times.

Votes/Comments: 210

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Triumph Stag
Triumph Stag
Triumph Stag

Products Used

How Andrea Used Our Products

My car is a triumph stag which I have had for over 18 years. I enter it in many classic car shows and its my pride and joy. After washing I apply the Autoglym Super Resin Polish to make my car really shine and lock in that newly purchased look.

Comments from Voters

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  • Ive been to ill to vote, hope not 2 late chic

  • andrea u should have told me u had car in competition. amazing as always

  • sorry didnt see this earlier but would like to vote on this car

  • This is your pride and joy. Glad your number 1

  • By far the best car of the 70s. Doesnt look out of place now. Fine example

  • looks great

  • when i win the lottery i will have this car

  • love the colour

  • I hope you win. You deserve too with such a classy car. takes me back this car

  • You have our vote>Yvonne and Roger White


  • Hope my vote isent too late.A car u can really enjoy

  • love the picture with the sparkle...

  • lovely pictures xx

  • What a fantastic looking classic

  • what a great example of an all-time classic!!

  • A well kept and loved car. U have my vote

  • This is how we used to make cars. Chrome...mmmm

  • you own my dream car

  • the best british car ever. fine example

  • beautiful classic thats well loved

  • Nice car of the 70s. Dont make them this well anymore. A credit to you

  • Obviously you use more products than listed. Love this car

  • Fantastic

  • The old ones - they're the best ones! STAAAAAG!!

  • nice stag

  • Wonderful car wonderful shine

  • Real Stunner

  • nice

  • All the club wants u to win. U can count on our vote x x

  • andrea its a credit to u

  • truly beautiful

  • big car for a little lady. praise

  • Nice One

  • one of the nicest classics around. good condition

  • nice car. love classics

  • love the colour. and the shine is lovely too

  • super car

  • make u proud to be british

  • nice to see a really old car still looking so good

  • lovely car, well looked after and maintained

  • we all love your car here and youll get all our votes. beautiful car

  • very nice car

  • wow. You are one lucky girl

  • A credit to you

  • splendid car

  • Wow what a bobby dazzler

  • chic

  • how much to buy one like this. Must be priceless

  • mmmmmmm........

  • andrea your first class. I cant believe you polish this. Must have a hubby!!!!!!

  • the cars the star

  • seen this type of car in magazines b4. shiny, well done

  • lucky lady

  • never seen a car like this one. not your run of the mill

  • super, smashing,lovely

  • no competition. amazing

  • between this and the other classic. but u get my vote

  • chrome...dont see that on new cars

  • a credit to the polisher

  • the star of the show

  • makes u proud to be from yorkshire

  • triumph dream car

  • nice car

  • they dont make em like this anymore. love the chrome

  • hope you win cos its worthy

  • very nice car love

  • lovely car andrea. certainly the shiniest

  • the doctor says no prescription needed here!!!!

  • as perfect as me!!!!

  • a class apart

  • dazzling. a credit to you

  • A true beautiful classic car that is obviously well loved and maintained.

  • A mint lookin classic car thats obviously well cared for and is a credit to the owners.

  • pretty darn good

  • such a lovely beautiful car

  • Beautifull classic car

  • classic

  • What a beautiful old car

  • love the pic with the sun shining of the car...awesome

  • smashing car

  • lovely car. nice finish

  • nice classic

  • nice

  • nice

  • lovely red

  • lovely

  • nice classic

  • nice for its age

  • smashing super shiny

  • lovely car

  • obviously well loved car

  • poolplayer says this is my kinda car

  • nice colour and shine

  • lovely jubbly del boy

  • trust you to enter when an e mail champ is against ya...doh..lovely car

  • wow

  • How more shinier could it get wi more polish andrea !!!!!!

  • Have seen this car at classic car shows. truly a winner

  • truly beautiful car. love the photo with the shine from the sun

  • great looking car driver not bad either

  • Fab - has to win

  • lovely car

  • nice shine.could have done with more of a review of products...but whatever u use is certainly doing

  • nice to see an old car so well kept. obviously loved and respected.

  • truly a classic

  • fantastic condition for age

  • great car

  • its smashing

  • nice example

  • I seen this car at shows...mega

  • no contest. this car is the business

  • beautiful body..would love to see the driver

  • truly amazing

  • Lovely car.

  • Great Car

  • Very nice, one of my favourite cars to own.

  • Beautiful!

  • Great looking car!

  • Looks in fantastic condition

  • lovely jubbly

  • Lovely car - wish mine looked as good

  • nice

  • amazing car

  • beautiful car

  • Lovely!

  • Lovely Car

  • wow. in a class of its own

  • clear winner. awesome car and shiny

  • always wanted one of these

  • love the shine. love the car. love the location.amazing

  • different league

  • Best colour for a Stag, and what a fantastic finish!

  • Great car

  • do i want this car

  • excellent example of a good classic car. obviously well loved

  • In a different league to the others. Amazing car

  • timeless

  • excellent car

  • Great looking car not a mark on it and very well maintained

  • very well looked after car!

  • Super!

  • very nice example

  • Lovely example


  • Looks good, good luck!

  • Great Classic

  • great car

  • What a butiful car must be the best there

  • I would like to vote for the Stag.....looks cool....

  • Nice triumph stag

  • Very nice looking car one of the best

  • Cool!

  • not bad pity about the colour

  • lovely car with a nice shine

  • beautiful car

  • A great classic - with a superb V8 soundtrack!

  • wow what a great car!

  • love classic cars and this a beautiful example

  • a perfect example of a true classic

  • lovely shine

  • a clear winner

  • Shining example of a great car!

  • Nice!

  • A very nice looking car with timeless lines. Dave from Toronto,Canada

  • A True classic and a good example

  • Looks absolutely stunning perfect example of a Triumph Stag

  • Staggering

  • Stags rule.........

  • fantastic car

  • Super looking car

  • Outstanding

  • Classic products for a Classic car.

  • A beautiful car, I've admired them for 30 years.

  • Lovely car in the best colour,outclasses most cars today.

  • Beautiful car..even when it hasn't been polished this well!!!

  • Yummy - a real car

  • fabulous car. dont make em like that naymore

  • Very nice classic

  • What a beauty

  • magnificent British classic

  • A true british thoroughbread.

  • Superb vehicle

  • The best car by far.

  • got a nice shine

  • good product. thanks will try

  • lovely classic car

  • amazing little beauty!

  • beautiful

  • very classy

  • a true British classic,nice to see there are still a few on the road.Try carnauba wax to finish off

  • very nice car

  • lovely

  • lovely

  • its a beauty

  • nice one

  • n1

  • super example

  • beautiful

  • can i have it please

  • nice

  • beautiful

  • Great car, my husband used to have one many years ago

  • A lovely looking car

  • Beautiful car!

  • nice classic car

  • pretty shiny car

  • Gorgeous car

  • nice car

  • Fantastic!

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