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Mini One - Darren Gardiner

Entered for the January 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Darren Gardiner

Make: Mini

Model: One

Year: 2004

Viewed: 5067 times.

Votes/Comments: 39

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Mini One
Mini One
Mini One
Mini One

Products Used

  • AutoGlym Super Resin Polish
  • AutoGlym High Definition Wax
  • AutoGlym Wheel Cleaner
  • Dodo Juice Born Slippy
  • Meguiars Hyperwash
  • Sonus Ultrafine Detailing Clay (Green)

How Darren Used Our Products

This is my Mini which is my pride and joy. Started out as a standard 1.6 but has been tastefully modified with the following mods.

Mods: Bluefin superchip remap, BMC CDA induction kit, Janspeed 4-2-1 manifold, Miltek cat back system, Mini JCW alloys in black, JCW Rear Spoiler, JCW front brake kit, Full leather...the list goes on.

I have taken great care in washing my car and joined many forums to see what new products were given the thumbs up by the members and have came up with my current selection of meguiars and autoglym which I believe to be the best 2 cleaning suppliers.

My washing begins with the meguiars hyperwash which I mix with luke warm water, leave to work its way in for 5 minutes wheel I use wheel cleaner on the rims and then all rinsed off.

Car is then dried off with a drying towel and then I start to work the clay round the car going top to bottom so not to pick up too much debris and run it over the paint using some Dodo Juice "born slippy" to keep it running smooth.

After the wash and the clay I hose the car down and let it drip dry and then apply super resin polish to the car to give it a nice shine and once it is dry I buff it off with a microfibre cloth.

Then the final task is to apply the wax with an applicator pad all over and leave to set and then buff off again.

After these steps are complete the car is gleaming and will usually not need to be waxed again for 3-4 weeks. Hope you like, cheers.

Comments from Voters

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  • loving the look

  • good choice of induction kit, BMC all the way :)

  • top job ma man, car looks best yet- reidy

  • very cool looking mini

  • clean mine pleeeease :D x

  • loving the wheels and aero kit, JCW all the way

  • well done babes, good luck -nicole x

  • shiny shiny, just what I like to see lol

  • hey bud, well done with the car, still as good as new - jono

  • nice kit you got on the car, good job

  • almost as good as me ;)

  • keep up the good work buddy- graham

  • well clean, keep it up

  • clean car wee man, going to have to get some cleaning stuff to sort mine out

  • nice wee car bud

  • nice shine

  • No badn brief mate

  • Awesome job. Shood finish it off with some tyre gel though.

  • Amazing works replica mini! Looks hot!!!

  • Used some of the same products but dont get the same results :( Good effort

  • Defo a winner. Hope you get top spot chief!

  • Wintastic mini! Love it

  • Good wee write up pal. Good luck!!

  • Looks amazing. very high spec'd "one" :)

  • Stunning mini,looks the part

  • try using the dodo juice polish's, they always work better than AG for me

  • clean brief bud, keep them mods coming

  • Nice to see another mini2 member on this ;) sandy

  • sweet ride

  • Lovely car pal, PM if you ever decide to sell - audreyh93

  • Made me wish I got a mini now, nice car bro

  • how a mini should look ;)

  • Loving the mini, kept it well

  • Nice car mate, Scottycooperslad

  • Nice work,looks minted,Good luck :)

  • Credit to Mini2, Good work buddy

  • Looks good from a distance thats all im saying

  • Lovely mini! Would never know its only a one! Good job fella

  • fresh car mate, see you parked at uni every morning, Derek

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