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Ford Mondeo ST220 - Russell Bell - Winner February 2010

Entered for the February 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Russell Bell

Make: Ford

Model: Mondeo ST220

Year: 2002

Viewed: 11018 times.

Votes/Comments: 252

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Ford Mondeo ST220
Ford Mondeo ST220
Ford Mondeo ST220
Ford Mondeo ST220

Products Used

How Russell Used Our Products

The car itself I have owned for nearly a year now. When I first bought it, I set about machine polishing and correcting using a G220 DA and Meguiar’s #83 on a Sonus swirl buster (orange) pad.

With the tougher parts I step up to Menzerna intensive polish with a small spot of lime prime to aid refining and stop the Menz from chalking.

An intensive wash with 2 buckets and Dodo's own sour power, then a dry down with a couple of very deep plush drying towels using the drag and drape method.

Once or twice a year I’m now employing a very quick skim using lime prime followed by a super thin coat of Dodo Juice Supernatural, followed by another a couple hours later. On this occasion a quick hand app of lime prime was called for with a very light coat of Poorboy’s Blackhole to provide a working base for the Supernatural to go onto.

The tyres are dressed with Zaino z-16 for a more natural look and the inner stainless rim on the wheel is coated with Zaino Z-CS clearseal.

All arches and exterior plastic grill etc are treated firstly to a very diluted APC solution and soft detail brush then a spritz of either Poorboy's natural dressing or a more intense detail with black WOW. Windows once fully dried were sealed with redmist and the engine bay stainless parts get the more potent Zaino z8. The superb z8 was later used to top up the finish of the whole car once I was happy the wax had cured. The solution I use is diluted 50/50 to deter stripping of any wax product and just add an extra gloss over the finish.

Comments from Voters

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  • flippin gorgeous

  • class work

  • nicest ST going

  • nice colour

  • all the way bro!! blue oval rules!!

  • one of a kind matey

  • lookin good nice shine

  • voted goodluck!!

  • need to wash mine now lol!!!

  • tasty stuff good luck

  • wicked mondy!!

  • unreal!!! shiny enough to eat yor dinner off!

  • best of the best!!

  • Very nice indeed...

  • proper dood

  • dont get nicer than this

  • a good detail mate as usual

  • sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

  • wow!! clean,good effort

  • cool car.

  • i got a bimmer you can do next!

  • what can i say mate,first class

  • good work perfect finish!

  • tip top anuva vote 4 u bud

  • An excellent example of a 220,full credit to you.

  • voted gd lck

  • well done.gets my vote

  • perfection

  • a finish to aspire to ; )

  • cool beans - win win win

  • excellent shine!!

  • good luck fella

  • as Harry Hill would say 'Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight' !!

  • second to none

  • duuuuuuuude! sweet ride!

  • pretty colour....very shiny! Hope you win! x

  • whoa, that's one sweet car man!

  • nicest one f these I've seen - the colour looks amazing

  • The best example of a 220 I've ever seen.

  • very pretty car - very clean x

  • top notch shine - deserves the win!

  • nice

  • well smart m8

  • nice mota

  • The tidiest ST about, a winner in all respects...

  • stunning colour,great finish

  • super smooth

  • nice! whens the mag due??

  • "THE" nicest mondy st out there

  • 10/10 will have to try some dodo!!

  • go go go mucka.the perfect ST220.

  • all the best fella.

  • clean job win win win!!!!

  • clean example a 220 should look

  • Gd luck big boy.

  • ace!!!

  • The polish master lol

  • awesome mate

  • a lot of time and effort dude

  • You need another hobby,seriously!

  • Best of luck babe x x

  • deserves the win mate really does

  • not bad for t cut lol!

  • lovely car - good luck.

  • best motor of the bunch - bar none.

  • very nice car and very nice finish - well done!

  • you missed a bit....

  • Beautiful.

  • cracking shine!

  • very nice!

  • Amazing shine show winner

  • I have a red ST220 its clean but you have got good clean looking motor well done. ++++

  • looks absolutely amazing what a finish russell well done

  • sweet looking motor!

  • gd lk

  • a lot of hard work gone into this by the looks of it! Well done!

  • very nice!!!!

  • Looks fantastic for 8 years old....very nice

  • you cant get more shiny than that.

  • top car this is..

  • amazing, loving the shine on a 02 plate car

  • A very clean example of a great car

  • Stunning Mondie

  • Spotless looking motor. Well done Russell.

  • Great job!

  • Lovely!

  • This is a stunning car, a real wiiner in the looks department

  • Very clean, good luck

  • WOW what else can I say wished mine looked that good.

  • Fine looking Mondy

  • Lovely car.

  • Nice

  • Very smart mate, top work :-)

  • Shiney!

  • top st220 deserves first place, good luck from freddy!!

  • good luck russ lovely looking st220 from fred22

  • A stunning Mondie. Makes all the hard work worthwhile. Well done, Russell.

  • T'is a thing of beauty. Hats off to you. Best of luck

  • Stunning !!!!! Such attention to detail!!!! Get my vote any day of the week

  • Superb!

  • Nice detailing, good job.

  • lovely colour and a stunning shine

  • Beautiful

  • Very handsome car!

  • How much to get my mondy this shiny?

  • Some say that hes got blue blood, and he likes eggs.. all we know is hes called SPOOJ!

  • Good look Russ, from FEOC!

  • If you want to view paradise, simply look at this car and view it!

  • ooo blue is definitely the best colour!

  • pukka!! simply pukka!

  • Awsome cars , i have a tdci st ,love em ,your cars a credit to you ,keep up the good work

  • Stunning,like all your previous cars.. love it!

  • its da bomb!

  • absolutley super!

  • I wish my car was this shiny! Looked through the others and this is the best by a clear mile.

  • blooming superb! Nice choice of products too!

  • Shinier than the sun itself - deserves to win!!

  • Not a swirl mark in sight! Gotta love it!

  • Proper bo I tell thee!

  • Ab FAB! Nice Motor Mate!

  • Looks awesome

  • Looks good

  • lush!

  • gewjus car!

  • Awesome!

  • nice best new skool by far! top man!!!!

  • Awesome car! Love the color

  • Beautiful car

  • very nice paintwork

  • nice clean motor !!

  • nice!

  • Wow! Looks great!

  • Quite possibly the nicest mondeo that I have ever seen and an amazing finish.

  • Nice ;-)

  • Stunning.... absolutely stunning

  • Very nice , keep up the fab work

  • Superb shine !

  • top dog mate

  • Good Luck

  • Gorgeous entry!

  • I wish it was mine!

  • That is one tastey ST220!!

  • lovely finsh mate

  • stunning !

  • Minted car

  • Seen it in the metal before, really amazing, loving it

  • deffo the best. PF member

  • Class - not a fan of mondeo's but thats mint

  • Very nice mondeo, love the colour!

  • Stunning!! :) just look at that paintwork!!

  • Car of my dreams!

  • If Carlsberg made cars, they would look something like this!

  • OMG, never seen perfection like it!

  • Stunning Mondeo mate, cant beat that IMO

  • ford FTW

  • mint proper mint welll done

  • very nice indeed, well done

  • Great looking motor

  • spot on 10/10 from me !!!

  • pure class motor and shine mate

  • What a beast!

  • the car looks absolutely beaming

  • nice work...

  • Very very nice detailing

  • Top job.....lovely finish

  • love it!!!!!!!!

  • Very nice mate


  • Amazing

  • cracking looking car what a shine on it

  • Gd luck xx

  • Beeyootiful motor, m8. Gotta be a winna

  • You missed a bit! get me coat

  • Top job wanna clean mine?!

  • Proper detailed of the finest mondies about fella

  • s h i n y m a d n e s s !!! love it!!!!

  • sweet

  • Nice

  • Lovely motor

  • nice st220

  • very good of luck bud

  • Definatly get my vote needed my sunglasses!

  • Great finish well done

  • Superb job

  • nice 220

  • WOW

  • Lovely motor!

  • great motor there

  • WOW

  • Awsome machine

  • every detail

  • Excellent finish, now where's my polisher....!

  • Great Work.

  • Stunning Finish.

  • Spotless, Deserves the win.

  • even better than a doner kebab garnished with chili sauce after a long night on the tiles. Love it.

  • Really nice

  • Really nice

  • Really nice

  • Really nice work mate!

  • The solid shine looks marvelous on Performance Blue

  • Stunning.

  • mint looking ST220

  • beautiful ST, never seen 1 shine so good.

  • Spot on!

  • you need to detail my car!!!

  • another awesome st by a top bloke who deserves to win

  • well deserved mate,good luck!!!

  • in the best colour too!! keep up the good work

  • very VERY nice work mate!!

  • Cracking machine! Much jealous!

  • Stunning car. deserves to win, very well looked after indeed

  • Spoojilicious!

  • top class looking car, with every attention to detail, looks even better in the flesh

  • Ace car-deserves to win-from all the Team at

  • Deserves to win

  • Very nice

  • Very very clean, nicest looking Mk3 i've seen

  • Got my vote!

  • Will you clean my ST for me?

  • Lovin' It

  • Looking good! Vote from STdriveRS

  • awesome finish what a shine

  • 1st class mate always looking awesome

  • looks stunning,top work!!!

  • WOW..!..What a clean car...

  • Lovely Motor so well kept

  • great work - very shiny!

  • beautiful car - looks like a lot of hard work.

  • outstanding example!

  • good work as always mate! :)

  • Your car looks amazing!

  • Gorgeous x

  • nice

  • Nice deep wet look to it, Awesome.

  • I love this car! Credit to you Russ...

  • very nice looking car and well looked after

  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is one outstanding car.

  • ffantastic car

  • Fantastic looking car, that shine is immense!

  • As always mate the car looks stunning, a real credit to you, ST220man@Network220

  • vote i think it lovley looking car

  • would love to give mine the same treatment

  • .

  • That'd look good on the shelf in my living room! ...I need a bigger shelf!

  • One of the best looking ST220's ever.

  • Looks amazing!

  • looks awesome!

  • this car is simply stunning. best example of a mondeo i've seen

  • Pretty nifty for an old mans car :P

  • stunning!

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