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Skoda Octavia - Richard Lubomski

Entered for the May 2017 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Richard Lubomski

Make: Skoda

Model: Octavia

Year: 2016

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Votes/Comments: 5

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Skoda Octavia
Skoda Octavia
Skoda Octavia
Skoda Octavia

Products Used

How Richard Used Our Products

Started by applying the pH wheel cleaner to dry wheels. I can't recommend this stuff enough; it's fantastic. After leaving it for a few mins to work I power washed the wheels clean. Moved onto giving the car a quick rinse to remove dust / pollen and then used Valet PRO snow foam to lift anything else off the paint.

Using two buckets, I added a small amount of Mer High Shine Shampoo and with a Meguiars washmit I began to wipe over each panel. Once completed, a quick rinse with the power washer to remove the suds. Next came clay to remove lots of tar spots; the metallic green shows up lots! Using a clean piece of Bilt Hamber clay, and some Meguiars Quick detailer as a lubricant, I began to remove the buildup. As you can see from the photo, a lot of contaminant was lifted!

To ensure the paint was correct after claying, I opted for a natural polish (Zymol cleanser wax); this removed any clay residue and has a low cut so is safe to use manually.

When the paint was worked over, I then decided to use some Swissvax Zuffenhausen. Whilst it is specifically formulated for Porsches, I find it works extremely well on metallic paint. This stuff is effortless to apply and take off, and left the car with an amazing finish.

Using an air duster, I blew any remaining water out of the wheel bolt recesses, and proceeded to hand-apply some Poorboys wheel sealant. It's better to apply this a wheel at a time (apply then buff off) instead of doing all four wheels as it can be quite stubborn at times when dry!

The interior needed very little, so a quick wipe using the Poorboys Interior Dresssing (love the almond smell) and that was complete.

A quick application of Meguiars APC to the various trays of the engine bay and I was done. Around 4 hours of effort and was extremely happy with the result.

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  • Looking awesome, great job

  • Looks awesome, great job!

  • Sweet

  • Lovely cleaning

  • Looks awesome

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