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Ford Focus - Sue Croom - Winner August 2017

Entered for the August 2017 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Sue Croom

Make: Ford

Model: Focus

Year: 2016

Viewed: 2292 times.

Votes/Comments: 12

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Ford Focus
Ford Focus
Ford Focus
Ford Focus

Products Used

How Sue Used Our Products

Mk4 Ford Focus - Titanium X Navigator

  • Step 1. Auto finesse avalanche snow foam applied with snow lance and left to dwell until dirt loosened and foam had run off, pressure washed residue off. Used Gtechniq bug removed on front grille and wing mirrors left to dwell while prepping shampoo and rinse buckets.
  • Step 2. Two bucket-wash with grit guards, washed with pure guard ph neutral shampoo using Chemical Guys premium scratch free chenille wash mitt, rinsing mitt in rinse bucket between washing each panel, pressure washer to rinse off shampoo.
  • Step 3. Wheels cleaned using large and small wheel woollies power washer to rinse off each wheel and arch.
  • Step 4. Dried bodywork off using Martin Cox Giant Miracle Dry Microfibre Drying Towel
  • Step 5. Applied Rupes diamond ultra fine gel compound with Rupes Mini Big Foot LHR75E DA polisher using Rupes white pad and Chemical Guys pad conditioner, and polished off with Gtechniq mf1 microfibre cloth.
  • Step 6. Applied chemical guys all in one polish with Rupes LHR21ES Mark II BigFoot Polisher and Chemical Guys microfibre finishing pad.
  • Step 7. Hand applied chemical guys Peter 53 black pearl carnuba wax, polished off with Gtechniq mf1 microfibre
  • Step 8. Applied Gtechniq C2v3 sealant and polished off with Gtechniq mf1 microfibre cloths
  • Step 9. Applied Chemical Guys Max Coat wheel guard polished residue off with Gtechniq mf1 cloth.
  • Step 10. Cleaned all glass with Gtechniq G4 polish then Gtechniq G6 perfect glass then applied Gtechniq g1 clear vision smart glass
  • Step 11. Chemical Guys silk shine Trim dressing applied to all plastic trim
  • Step 12. Interior panels and dash cleaned with Gtechniq C6 Matt Dash, interior glass cleaned with Gtechniq G6 perfect glass, Chemical Guys purple stuff grape soda air freshener sprayed on to interior carpets
  • Step 13. Final polish of exterior bodywork with clean Gtechniq mf1 microfibre cloth.

Comments from Voters

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  • Great detail and reflection

  • It looks completely spotless!!! Good job!

  • Nice job!!! Absolutely love it!!! You deserve to win!!!

  • Great job. Your car looks stunning!!! Love it!!!

  • Wow. This is amaizing. Looks great. She put a lot of effort to make it look perfect.

  • Love the shine and detail

  • Looks fantastic. ...looks show room condition

  • Like looking in a mirror. Black Pearl, "Let me put you up where you belong"

  • amzing #lookinggood

  • Looks mint, great job!!!

  • Great picutres of the amazing reflections on the car

  • Perfect shine. Its like looking into a black shiny diamond.

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