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Honda Civic Jordan - Ben Davy

Entered for the June 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Ben Davy

Make: Honda

Model: Civic Jordan

Year: 1999

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Honda Civic Jordan
Honda Civic Jordan

Products Used

How Ben Used Our Products

I first used the BTBM shampoo, which not only lathers well but also smells gorgeous.

The second step was to dry the car using the 'soft touch drying towel', which is really useful, and easily absorbs all the water on the car, and has to be the softest towel I have ever felt, better than I use on my own body.

Next step was to clay the car, using the 'supernatural detailing clay', and 'Born Slippy' lube these are great tools, not too harsh, but you will be amazed at what comes out of the paint. Personally, if you are only going to buy one product, then it would have to be a clay bar (and lube, which is actually two products, but you know what I mean). It never ceases to amaze people that see me do it, I have done neighbours cars with a clay bar, and on cars that look clean, but the clay just brings so many contaminates out of the paint, its very rewarding to see just what’s in your paint. I even used it on a 1-year-old Jaguar which also had a lot of dirt in bedded into the paint.

Once the car is clay barred, then I moved onto using the 'orange crush' wax. Another very nice product which smells great also. It is a soft wax specifically for warm coloured cars (mine is yellow). Using the 'Supernatural' finger mitt it works into the paint really well, nice and easy to apply and you can see it on the paint so you know where you have applied it. Let it set for approx 10 mins and then I buffed off using the 'Fantastic Fur' microfibre buffing cloth, a very very soft cloth which takes the wax off nicely and leaves a great deep shine to the car, and you can also machine wash it when its clogged up with wax. I then applied a second coat of wax and buffed again. This left a great finish. It rained just after I had finished, but the rainwater just beaded and ran off the car.

Once the car had dried in the sun, I then went on to use 'Red mist tropical', again another great product, very nice smelling, as all dodo juice products. The tropical is designed for hotter climates so it doesn’t dry too quickly. To be honest, I have used the standard tropical mist, and did find it dried too quickly even here in the UK, so I went to tropical, which was much better, so I would recommend people to go straight to that, other wise it leaves a residue as you cant buff it off quick enough.

I can highly recommend the Dodo Juice products; they are the only ones I use, and have given me excellent finishes to the cars I have worked on. I often get comments on how impressive the cars look afterwards.

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