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Renault Sport Twingo 133 - Daniel Newman

Entered for the July 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Daniel Newman

Make: Renault Sport

Model: Twingo 133

Year: 2009

Viewed: 6930 times.

Votes/Comments: 52

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Renault Sport Twingo 133
Renault Sport Twingo 133
Renault Sport Twingo 133
Renault Sport Twingo 133

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How clean is your car?

Errrr not very! My Renault Sport Twingo 133 is yet to see the silky surface of a lambswool mitt or even a crusty old sponge as since i've owned her she's been neglected to a Karcher! :(

Now it's time to fork out the beans and buy her a silky coat!

If you would like to see the pictures of my 133 sparkling and shiny please vote for me so I can have the chance to use some silky smooth wax's and give this car a proper clay!

Thank you!

Comments from Voters

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  • Decent wheels mate

  • Sexy Car!!

  • Lovely car

  • Mines better ;-)

  • Decent Car

  • Nice car

  • niffty 'lil' railrunner

  • Stunning mate, love the colour combo

  • Nice little motor there!

  • One of my all time favs!

  • great little car!

  • one more for you dude LDave

  • Theres a good reason to vote for someone

  • Cool car!

  • Your car rocks ;))

  • Go on then ... get it cleaned

  • Lovely lil car :) vroom vrooom! Spork ;p x

  • Very nice mate, top work!!

  • Nice car mate ;-)

  • Nice car

  • Decent car mate

  • Nice car mate

  • Get ya car cleaned la

  • Forza Ultimate Reef Hottest Poster Competition

  • Wish my car was that sexy :(

  • Ill swap you for my rusty golf? :D

  • Nicer than a VXR any day!!

  • Shiney!!!!

  • I've seen this car, it needs all the help it can get!!!

  • great little car...

  • Nice mate, could do with a polish though lol.

  • when this one is all polished you can do mine son

  • when you have washed the twatgo, i mean twingo you can come wash mine!!!!

  • looking good

  • Top Job!

  • Stunning little car good luck!!

  • super car keep up the stunning shine and reflection

  • looks the biz !

  • clean baby clean!

  • you go babe! u need this..big time!:)

  • looking Fab

  • i want our corsa back! .

  • Best looking Twingo ive ever seen!

  • nice little hot hatch

  • Cracking work done on the car and is a stunning example of what can be done.

  • stunning motor

  • Nice one baby

  • Super car danny. DAMN i love a Twingo

  • I want your car!

  • definite winner danny ;)

  • About time you had it cleaned properly Danny HAHA Good luck mate, badboyburt :)

  • Nice Car!!!!!!

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