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Jaguar XF 2.7 Premium Luxury - Alf Howarth - Winner July 2010

Entered for the July 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Alf Howarth

Make: Jaguar

Model: XF 2.7 Premium Luxury

Year: 2008

Viewed: 7186 times.

Votes/Comments: 91

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Products Used

How Alf Used Our Products

To achieve the beatiful shine on my Jaguar XF, I washed it twice using Turtle Zip wash & wax,then applied Autoglym Super Resin Polish to affect a deep shine I then applied R222 "Concours Look" Carnauba Wax to lock the shine in.

I polished the glass with Turtle Super Glass Polish.I then polished the wheels inside & out with 2 coats of Turtle Wax then applied 2 coats of Poorboys Wheel Sealant, finishing off with Sonus Tyre Gel.

Comments from Voters

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  • What a fab motor!!!!

  • Beautiful!

  • Lovely shine

  • Nicest car I've ever seen

  • You deserve to win!

  • Wow!!!!!!

  • What a lovely car - you should be proud of yourself.

  • Stunning!

  • When can you come and do mine?

  • I've never seen a car so clean!

  • This car reflects the sun into my house because its so shiny

  • weeq!

  • looks good!

  • Nice

  • This car deserves to win! :o)

  • Very well done...

  • this Jag looks the best, nice colout too

  • Looks brilliant, fantastic finish.

  • Very nice

  • Cleanest car ever!

  • Super Job!

  • Lovely car !

  • Excellent

  • Looks nice!

  • great finish

  • Looks great!

  • Very impressive indeed

  • Car looks great

  • Nice and shiny!!

  • Very nice job!

  • That looks very good; there is no substitute for some old fashioned elbow grease!

  • Can I take it for a spin?

  • I love your car!

  • All the best

  • Do you fancy selling it?!

  • Please come and do mine!

  • I bet that took ages!

  • Lovely car

  • Well done for the hard work

  • Nice motor!

  • Excellent shine!

  • looks great, can you come by my place and detail my porsche!!

  • Looks amazing, well done!

  • Good work Alf, looks like new!

  • Superb job, keep up the good work, must be the best XF on the planet

  • Looks great. Fabulous shine!!

  • wow can see your face in that XD

  • A credit to its owner

  • NICE!

  • is that a smudge i see on the crossjoint?

  • bling

  • looks stunning - well done

  • Looks better than new, great job!!

  • great job

  • very shiny !

  • Stunning job. They don't leave the factory looking that good.

  • Shiny!!!!

  • Top job, well clean, nice car too.

  • Very impressed

  • It's a winner!!!

  • The cleanest car on the road......guaranteed!!!!!

  • Sold! I'll have it

  • Excellent car!!!

  • Fantastic looking car, very impressed

  • Fabulous shine! Very nice indeed :o)

  • sparkly

  • wow looks like it has just come out of a showroom!

  • Stunning

  • Magnificent! Can you do my toyota?

  • great car

  • fab

  • Top car!! Gotta be the cleanest!!

  • Vote cleanest car!! Nice car!!

  • Nice car, even nicer when clean and shiny

  • The best thing about this car is I could probably see myself in the paintwork ; )

  • Gorgeous!

  • Wow! Will you come and clean mine!

  • Beautiful car

  • superb shine

  • Stunning!

  • It was worth the hard work

  • :)

  • Wonderful job!!

  • Brilliant!!

  • lovely!

  • Fantastic finish! You could have a go at mine...

  • Nice job, wish I could get mine to shine that deep - very impressed :p

  • Superb job

  • It's like a mirror!

  • Gorgeous shine!

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