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BMW 330Ci Convertible (E46) - Neil Emmott

Entered for the August 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Neil Emmott

Make: BMW

Model: 330Ci Convertible (E46)

Year: 2001

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Votes/Comments: 4

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BMW 330Ci Convertible (E46)
BMW 330Ci Convertible (E46)
BMW 330Ci Convertible (E46)
BMW 330Ci Convertible (E46)

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How Neil Used Our Products

I have not owned the car from new, but you know how it is! When you buy another car "It may be clean but it is never clean enough, you just have to put time and TLC in to get it just the way you want it!"

First of all I set about getting the painted surfaces clean using a pressure wash with Autoglym Pressure Wash (avoiding the roof) followed by a good old fashioned bucket and sponge with Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner. I cleaned the roof with Autoglym Fabric Hood Cleaner, this was relatively easy to get a great result, spray on the cleaner, give it a good working in with the applicator then hose it off, let it dry for a while and do it again just to make sure (the protector was applied later). Finally drying the whole car off with an Autoglym Aquadry, are you beginning to see a bit of a trend here? :-).

While the entire water residue dried where I couldn't get to it, I set about the inside with a Dyson and more TLC. The seats were cleaned and treated with Autoglym Leather Cleaner and Leather Care Balm, all of the other surfaces were cleaned and polished with Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber care, the inside of the glass and speedo Perspex with Autoglym Fast Glass.

Back outside, I liberally applied Autoglym Super Resin Polish, while that was drying I treated the black plastic bits with Autoglym Bumper Care. Then the wheels were cleaned with Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner and Instant Tyre Dressing. Back to the roof, I liberally sprayed it with the Fabric Hood Protector and just left it. Then the outside of the glass was finished off with Fast Glass before I removed (very easily) the Super Resin Polish with Autoglym Perfect Polishing Cloth. I finished the whole painted surface off with Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection with new pieces of the Perfect Polishing Cloth.

As I was not using the car the next day, I left it in the garage and applied a second coating of the Fabric Roof Protector and Extra Gloss Protection, again leaving both to soak in a and dry overnight before removing the Extra Gloss Protection dry haze the following morning, the roof needed no more attention.

Now I just regularly wash the car (only clean water on the roof) and polish it when I feel it needs another coat just for the sake of it. The tyres always get Instant Tyre Dressing. The interior gets a regular dust down, the Vinyl and Rubber Care finish last for ages. I also used the Vinyl and Rubber Care under the bonnet to clean and shine the plastic areas; I cleaned the painted bits with it as well while I was there. Now when it rains the water beads on the roof in the same way it does on the painted surfaces.

My best tip would be "Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and just do exactly what it says on the containers and where you can, do it in the shade and do it regularly!"

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  • A lovely looking car, very clean and tidy, I am green with envy.

  • Nice car! very clean! great write-up! I'm all inspired now!

  • looks lovely' sexy' just like a beema should do!!!!!!!!! nice

  • Great write up very informative well done !!

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