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Honda S2000 - David Thompson

Entered for the September 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: David Thompson

Make: Honda

Model: S2000

Year: 2005

Viewed: 4227 times.

Votes/Comments: 20

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Honda S2000
Honda S2000
Honda S2000
Honda S2000

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How David Used Our Products

I’ve owned the S2000 for 7 months now and decided to get the paint protection ready for the winter months ahead. Started by using the snow foam lance kit to avoid scratching the paint work any further so to remove any grit / dust on the surface.

Proceeded then with general washing of the car (two buckets soapy / clean water). Using Meguiar's clay bar with Meguiar's Ultimate quik detailer I spent several hours going over paint to remove any protection, watermarks and anything that shouldn't be there!

Washed the car once more to clean away the clay bar residue, Now it was time to get the G220 Dual action Polisher with a polishing pad with the Swirl X to disguise the polishing swirls from the last few years and then 80 Speed Glaze all over the car. Same as above with a finishing pad on I used the EXT-P Sealant to lock in the protection. And now time for the expensive Zymol Creame Carnauba Wax, which is well worth it! I applied it just using my hands as thinly as possible and then buffed it using a polishing towel; great shine and smells good too.

Hope you like the results it took me 6-7 hours and about dozen cups of tea.

Comments from Voters

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  • This is what a call a car small and sleek and a great colour as well and what a shine .

  • Nice looking a fresh rare colour

  • nice shiny car

  • Beautiful car best on here, oh and can I book in for a perm?

  • Yellow, the best do mine!

  • Nice car-BEST colour by far

  • lookin good!!!

  • Looks lovely mate didnt realise there were fellow detailers from Barnsley

  • very nice

  • which salon do you work in?

  • This is a nice looking car

  • Best car by a mile this month. Looks great.

  • Not bad for a Baaaarrrnnnssllleeeyyyy lad.

  • Fastest colour IMHO

  • Cool

  • Fastest colour here

  • V8's rule.

  • It's no Starlet, but it's alright I suppose. 2 wing mirrors are for freaks anyway.

  • Great looking car...

  • looks nice

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