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Honda S2000 - Nick Watson - Winner October 2010

Entered for the October 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Nick Watson

Make: Honda

Model: S2000

Year: 2005

Viewed: 6185 times.

Votes/Comments: 165

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Honda S2000
Honda S2000
Honda S2000

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How Nick Used Our Products

My Honda S2000 is really one of a kind! I've only owned it a few months but love it to bits. It's my daily driver and so gets a lot of attention when on the roads.

Modifications include -

  • Rotrex Supercharger conversion
  • 18" Rota alloy wheels
  • Brembo big brake kit
  • Toda lightened flywheel
  • Toda clutch
  • Carbon Fibre Mugen front bumper
  • Carbon fibre spark plug cover


  • Kenwood USB head unit
  • Infinity Kappa 6.5" Component speakers

The car is a dream to drive and gets regularly detailed to keep it in pristine condition.

Last major detail was only a few weeks ago where it reviewed - Wash with Autoglym bodywork shampoo Dry with Poorboys waffle weave towel Clay bar with Megs Quick Detailer Clay Wash with Autoglym bodywork shampoo Dry with Poorboys waffle weave towel Machine polished with Poorboy's SSR2.5 using 3M cutting pad Machine polished with Poorboy's SSR1 using 3M polishing pad Poorboys Black Hole applied with 3M finishing pad Poorboys EX-P sealant Finished with 2 layers of Collinite 915 Wheels were removed and cleaned, then waxed with Finish Kare 1000P high temp paste wax.

Please vote for my car!



Comments from Voters

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  • Has to win!

  • Very nice work

  • Has to win!

  • Mmmm! Me like!

  • Very clean!

  • Very nice

  • Has to win

  • Sweet! Nice colour

  • Very nice Nick

  • Really like that!

  • Very shiny!

  • Nice clean example

  • Love it! Lovely looking car. Very clean as well!

  • Lovely!

  • Clean! Good luck

  • Not as good as my fiesta though!!!

  • Spanking clean!

  • S2000 = one of Honda's best ever cars

  • Love it!

  • Cool car!

  • Super clean!

  • Future classic!

  • Toot toot!

  • Witwoo!

  • Superb example!

  • Nice!

  • Very pretty! Good luck.

  • Class!

  • Can you clean mine next!?

  • Nice car Nick! Tez

  • Very nice Nick, I hope you take me for a spin soon!

  • Bet that shifts!

  • Lovely!

  • Easily the best!

  • Good luck! Nice car!

  • Deserves to win

  • Can you wash mine please!?

  • Can I have a go!?

  • Me likey!

  • Good luck! Judy x

  • A blown S2000! Nice!

  • Love it!

  • Would love an S2k like this one!

  • Sick!

  • Very nice! Best car in the comp by far

  • Wicked car mate!

  • Stunning Mr W!

  • Mmmmmm!!

  • Love it!

  • Sweet S2k!

  • Love the S2000, this one is super clean!

  • Very smart!

  • Love it! Good luck Nick!

  • Has to win!

  • Lovely colour

  • Bling bling alloys mate!! Haha!!

  • Very nice!

  • Super clean!

  • love this car very stylish and sleek!!! very much a babe magnet!!

  • Very clean! Paul.

  • Puuurfect!

  • Beautiful!

  • Beautiful!

  • By far the best detailed car in the competition

  • I like, I like a lot!

  • Nice!

  • Very slick!

  • Sweet!

  • Very nice looking car. Good luck.

  • Looks clean. Good luck! Jk.

  • NĂºmero UNO!

  • Spanking! Has to win!

  • Very nice!

  • Love it!

  • You could eat your dinner off that!

  • Very clean, always glistening in the sun!

  • Very nice.

  • Pimpship!

  • Well smart!

  • Pimp'n car bro!

  • Oh yeah!

  • Bling Bling Sir!!!

  • Kick ass ride!!

  • Spotless

  • Loving this car mate, great wheels and interior!

  • Very nice.

  • Love it!

  • Nice! Love one of those in my garage!

  • Easily the best car in this comp! Good luck!


  • s2000 > all

  • So shiny you can see your FACE in it

  • Stunning!

  • What an animal!

  • Jesus! That is a sweet ass car!!

  • nice motor geezer!

  • its a beast!!!!

  • S2000 FTW!!

  • Ohh how pretty, does it come in pink?

  • Vroom Vroom it go fast! Vroom

  • Groooovy!!

  • Awesome!!!

  • I work with Nick, his car is always spanking clean!

  • Great car, love the mods!

  • Nice! Peter.

  • wish i could get one of these!!!

  • stunning car

  • nice

  • Loving that!

  • An exceptional machine!! Mint!! Ry

  • S2000 = best sports car ever!

  • I work with Nick and his car is always spanking clean!

  • king of cleaning! Nice car!

  • Sorted!

  • After seeing this car in the flesh, these photos don't do it justice!

  • Magnificent! Easily the shiniest car here!

  • not bad!!!

  • wow, stunning!

  • spot on that! love it!

  • Nice ride! Keeping it clean there nick!

  • well sweet car Nick! Laura.

  • Nice car!

  • Shiny shiny shiny Nick! Gez.

  • Nick loves this car. More than is normal.

  • Shiney! You'll have to clean mine Nick!!

  • Love the S2000. Nice example Nick.

  • spot on mate! classy car!

  • love this car

  • more s2k love from me

  • s2k love

  • Mmmugen. :-)

  • very nice rims!

  • nice car Nick! What a panty dropper!!

  • Can I have a go? Looks awesome mate!

  • Great looking car! Very nice

  • Love the Mugen front bumper! Smiley!!!

  • wow, nice shine!

  • nice shine

  • Love the Brembos!

  • Take me for a ride!

  • smart!

  • Really nice

  • Great.

  • Looking good

  • Cleeeean!

  • S2000 FTW baby!

  • Really nice car Nick. Kelly

  • Beautiful looking car mate!

  • Can I drive it please!?

  • Really Nice! Tommy.

  • really nice

  • Really smart!

  • Bet that's quick!

  • Best car here

  • Simply the best car on here!

  • Love the alloys!

  • very nice finish! Collinite is a great winter wax!

  • Loving the Mugen front bumper! Good luck!

  • Beautiful car, love the S2000!

  • Still a great car!

  • Brilliant, very nice automobile!

  • Very clean! A nice high end wax would make it stunning!

  • Very clean, lovely car Nick.

  • Very nice car Nick

  • nice.!

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