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Renault Clio - David Chinn

Entered for the October 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: David Chinn

Make: Renault

Model: Clio

Year: 2008

Viewed: 4928 times.

Votes/Comments: 94

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Renault Clio
Renault Clio
Renault Clio

Products Used

How David Used Our Products

I started by applying Black wow on the exterior plastic & then washed the car with Nano-Tech wash & wax.

I then used Auto Glym Clay kit followed by Auto Glym HD Wax, leaving it 30 minutes before buffing it off to achieve the shine.

I used Wonder wheels on the alloys. Auto Glym Tyre dressing was used on the tyres and front grills letting it dry naturally, lastly I used Fast Glass on the windows.

Comments from Voters

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  • Nice David

  • You cant beat a good Renaultsport

  • Looks brand new

  • i bet thats handles well

  • Saw one of these cars yesterday and loved it! Well done

  • epic

  • perfect

  • Thats the Bogs Dollocks

  • Lovely track car

  • Clean!

  • epic car

  • Crikey! its spotless

  • Exceptional David

  • make the alloys black

  • Perfection bar the scuffed alloys :D

  • Bing Bong

  • Icarumba indeed

  • Ill bring mine round for you to wash tomorrow.

  • Dis am gud car. peter c

  • Deffo winner

  • best car

  • reporting for duty

  • give it to me !!!!

  • lol at people saying s2000 is bettr

  • great colour combo, i like it. should be getting one soon

  • pretty

  • woop woop

  • change the color of the alloys

  • Autoglym for sure

  • Head turner

  • .....

  • R888's FTW

  • understated car

  • Go Chinny

  • gj dave

  • Bright

  • Icarumba

  • worth the win

  • Impressive job m8

  • Its a shame people vote for themselves or you would've stood a Excellent Chance. Sarah

  • Great Job David

  • Get a Clio 200

  • Mine next lol

  • 10/10

  • That is the ultimate finish!

  • love the alloys

  • Well done David

  • wow

  • Your being beaten :(

  • Top job Chinny :o)

  • nice one. Nick

  • Bloody hell

  • Shame its not a Megane

  • Wow

  • Jealous

  • Cool car mate

  • nice

  • Nearly as good as mine lol

  • Smart

  • cracking car

  • well done

  • Nice David

  • How can this car be loosing?

  • Impressive, do mine?

  • Splendid Job.

  • clean car xd

  • nice car

  • not bad

  • Stunning!!!!!

  • nice

  • Wow

  • Wowawewa I Liek!

  • awesome car i love it!

  • Seexxxxeeehhh!

  • nice

  • very clean

  • very nice car :D

  • That'll get the flies off. But what'll stop them sticking?

  • Do you also do Volvos?

  • Good Show

  • very nice finish

  • Good all round finish, attention to small details superb

  • great looking car

  • Spot on Nice!!

  • Great job! Super clean!

  • wow thats clean ;)

  • Looking good!

  • nice grommits

  • top job

  • Very nice car shame its not a blue Twingo RS ;)

  • Super Renaultsport gotta love them from your freindly parts advisor Twingo Geekeo

  • Nice Job

  • Awesome car. Nice and clean.

  • shiny steeringwheel!

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