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Honda S2000 - Howerd Ellis

Entered for the November 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Howerd Ellis

Make: Honda

Model: S2000

Year: 2000

Viewed: 8700 times.

Votes/Comments: 127

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Honda S2000
Honda S2000
Honda S2000
Honda S2000

Products Used

How Howerd Used Our Products

I have owned this car for 5 years, all totally original apart from the addition of the Spoon strut brace.

Used every week and cleaned and washed weekly, it gets the following treatment every 4 months or so.

Car hosed off to remove dirt and grit, hand washed with microfibre wash mitt using Meguiars Gold Class Shampoo and conditioner, then hosed off and dried with a chamois leather which I only use on this car.

Apply Dodo juice Lime Prime by hand allow to haze and removed by hand with microfibre cloth, apply Dodo Juice Light Fantastic with sponge applicator pad and polish off with orbital machine polisher.

Finish by hand with microfibre cloth. Wheels cleaned with Autoglym Clean wheels, then polished with Smart wax Rim wax, tyres Finished with Meguiars Tyre Gel. Interior cleaned and polished with Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber care.

All under bonnet hoses cleaned with Autoglym also. All resulting in my 'Ultimate Finish'

Comments from Voters

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  • excellent

  • S2K - Rocks!

  • very shiny ;)

  • fab car, I want one :)

  • That is stunning!

  • Yet another Spotless example!

  • Really nice!

  • superb- best thing here

  • really nice example

  • exceptional quality

  • great car ! great polish job!!!!

  • very nice!

  • gooooo Howered love marc x

  • nice keep up the good work

  • nice car howard

  • Very well presented car

  • Superb mate!

  • Very clean!

  • Outstanding condition, lovely car.

  • Hope you win, your car is a gem

  • What a sharp looking car ! .. Very classy .

  • very nice car Would love it !

  • lookin good

  • gorgeous

  • sweet ride !

  • Go Howie!

  • Clean min please!

  • 10 yrs old! It looks as though it just left the factory! Superb well done!

  • Nice job! Good luck!

  • Sweet as a nut Howie!

  • Best by far

  • Polished to perfection

  • i want it !!

  • vroom vroom

  • so much nicer than the others!!

  • Wonderful Car!

  • super car :-)

  • Looking good Howard

  • nice!

  • Keepin' it real homie!

  • Come on Howie!

  • Howard, What can I say it is the best Colour and is a sweet S2000, can't say better than that!!

  • S2000 is the best!

  • Much better than th Clio!

  • Very nice

  • Wow very nice motor

  • nice car

  • Lovely car Mr Ellis!!

  • sweet

  • Fab car

  • nice car

  • mmmmmm!!

  • nice

  • very nice

  • with me driving that car would look sooo cool!

  • Great car Howard!

  • tidy, very tidy

  • my g

  • Very tidy car

  • bargain, it would be cheaper to give it away. DM Stockport

  • Looks great

  • superbly turned out car!

  • looks very tidy

  • looks like a great car

  • purrrfection on four wheels, nice one!

  • Fastest colour immaculately detailed. Nice work Howie!

  • Not having a French car beat you

  • Nice

  • What a joy to look at!

  • Shiney!

  • Nice but get rid of the grilles, makes it look cheap

  • Nice clean looking my vote

  • How much for a blow dry Howie?

  • Sweet ass ride!

  • S2ki FTW!

  • Perfect!

  • Fabulous looking car A1

  • Very nice

  • For a five year old car used every day, this car is a superb example ... A credit to you !

  • Excellent condition & well maintained for year - Congratulations Howerd on your care of this car.

  • Lovely example!

  • Oh, that's nice!

  • Lots of Honda's this month but yours is the best!

  • Sweet!

  • stunning

  • nice job

  • Sweet ride

  • Stunning car with a great engine

  • Woo Hoo an S2..Nice work Howie.

  • Fantastic!

  • Hmm.....i luv S2's

  • Brings out the grey wonderfully.

  • top top car!

  • fantastic looking example!!!

  • superb car

  • Great finish!!!

  • cool car dude, nice info, are you having an affair with your car??

  • Good Example

  • Quality

  • NICE!

  • cant beat a good Spoon strut brace....oh misses!!! polish as ever is fantastic - well done

  • great looking car

  • very nice

  • very nice example

  • Mmm! Nice!

  • Love it! Nice and clean!

  • Love the S2000, Nice example.

  • Great!

  • Tip top sweat breaking effort. I even like the colour!!!

  • Very nice example H!

  • S2000 = KING!

  • Short back and sides please!

  • Lovely example!

  • Fantastic!

  • Nice!

  • Smart

  • Fantastic finish for an old guy or gal! Looks like a factory fresh car. s2k owners united.


  • Best colour!

  • nice work, especialy like the front grills

  • Great....Now come and do mine!

  • fantastic condition for a 10 year old car, Howard.

  • s2ki uk are behind you mate

  • King of roadsters!

  • Very nice

  • Superb-well done!

  • Lovely!

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