Free Product Giveaway - Auto Finesse 'Duo' Edgeless Microfibre plus Scangrip LED Detailing Lights and Ferrari F430 Scuderia Detailing Project.
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Auto Finesse 'Duo' Microfibre Giveaway plus Scangrip Lighting
The previous microfibre giveaway was so popular we're now offering 50 pairs of the Auto Finesse 'Duo' Microfibres for free with qualifying orders.

Their edgeless construction helps minimise the risk of swirl marks whist the dual-purpose design makes them ideal for detailing work ... more info below.

Scangrip LED Detailing Lights
Based upon feedback gained from detailers and automotive paint shops across Europe, Scangrip has developed a range of 2nd generation professional lighting solutions to suit all applications ... see details below.
Product Giveaway - 2 x Auto Finesse 'Duo' Edgeless Microfibres
The Auto Finesse 'Duo' is a dual purpose microfibre towel with a short pile on one side for polishing and a thick pile on the other for final buffing ... ideal for detailing.

We're giving away 50 pairs of the Auto Finesse 'Duo' with qualifying orders of £60 and over (exc del). Just apply the code 'AFDUO' to your existing basket during checkout for the free products to be automatically added. Offer ends at midnight on Sunday 14th May.
Scangrip Professional Detailing Lights
As every enthusiast and detailer knows, bright sunlight shows up every swirl mark, scratch and blemish. However, recreating that level of brightness in a studio or garage requires specialist lighting.

Scangrip, a Danish company, have developed a range of 2nd generation lighting solutions specifically for high-level detailing and paint correction. Read the latest UF blog feature to find out more about Scangrip products - here.
UF Detailing Studio - Recently Completed Projects
Ferrari F430 Scuderia
After extensive in-house testing, UF added the Fireball range from South Korea to its extensive portfolio of existing car care and detailing products.

When the F430 arrived for pre-sale preparation it was the ideal opportunity to showcase some of Fireball's products.

The car was covered in dirt and grime across the bodywork and it had even entered inside the bonnet.
In addition, water marks and fallout were highly visible on the black paintwork.

Whilst the ceramic brakes fitted to the F430 reduce the amount of brake dust produced (iron contamination) it's still picked up from passing vehicles.

As surface preparation is paramount, a full decontamination followed by paint depth measurements and close inspection with high-intensity lighting was required prior to detailing ... read more
Car Of The Month Competition Winner - April 2017
Congratulations to Ramesh Vekariya, winner of the Car Of The Month Competition with an immaculate BMW X1

Want to win £150 worth of car care products? Simply take some good photographs of your car and tell us which products you've used and how they were applied. The more 'detail' the better!

The competition is free to enter and the winner is selected by visitors to the UF website voting for the car of their choice.
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