Instructions for Use

Thank you for choosing the Aqua Gleam filter system, for best results please follow these simple instructions

Picture of a Filter

1) Wash your vehicle in the conventional way using warm soapy water applied with a sponge or soft brush, taking care to be thorough. Rinse the soapy water away using regular tap water from a hose using a hand-held sprayer. Keep the rinsed areas wet while you complete the whole vehicle. Do not allow the vehicle to dry before you rinse a second time using purified water from the in-line filter.

2) Connect the Aqua Gleam filter in-line with your hose using the connectors supplied. The filter may be laid on the ground however it is best suspended. Keep the length of hose from the filter to the car as short as possible. Bleed the hose; you will then know when purified water is flowing because it will be preceded by air. Rinse the whole vehicle a second time.

3) Stand back and allow to air dry naturally for a spot free finished result.

Diagramof inside a filter


For best results and to maximise filter life we recommend the following: -

  • Reduce the water flow rate using an in-line regulator
  • Do not use in conjunction with a water softener or pressure washer
  • Use water from the filter sparingly. Only use enough water to re-wet all surfaces
  • Mount vertically and feed water from the top so that water travels through the media
  • Use the filter in the same direction each time
  • The colour change mechanism is affected by sunlight. After use drain and store in darkness
  • The filter media will change colour to signal when replacement is becoming due
  • Even when the colour has changed, continue to use the filter until you are no longer satisfied with the result