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Car Detailing LED Lights - by BigBoi

High-intensity ultra-bright car detailing LED work lights identify paint defects prior to polishing; providing a key component in detailing; they'll highlight every single paintwork blemish.

Wall lighting in studios is great for brightening a whole area, but using a rechargeable LED detailing light will enable you to position the beam to spot all swirls and scratches or other paintwork defects.

LED work lights now come in battery operated models with Bluetooth controls for optimum lighting conditions. Static LED tripod work light solutions are often the go-to in many detailing studios. They'll beam light onto whatever you're working on for a prolonged amount of time. There are also portable LED work light options to make inspecting paintwork on the spot convenient.

Once you have chosen your collection of mounted or hand held detailing lights, it is import to understand brightness and colours coming from the light to identify swirls and scratches. Most torches only offer a single colour or beam pattern. Many detailing lights now offer you a variety of these. Brighter whiter lights are great for picking out deeper blemishes on paintwork, the sort you see when the sun is high in the sky and showing all those unsightly swirls. Softer yellow lights with a little less brightness can be better at picking out smudges and holograms, which the brighter lights just over power. Even though your car looked good on a sunny day, during overcast weather, it will lack that extra pop. This will be down to the final micro scratches you need to still remove.

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