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Auto-Wheel pH Adjusted Wheel Cleaner (1L & 5L)

Manufacturer: Bilt-Hamber

Product Code: BH-AW

Packed Weight: 1.40kg

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RRP (inc VAT): £14.25

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Customer Rating: five stars

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pH-Adjusted Active Wheel Cleaner.

Powerful pH adjusted, water-based wheel cleaner designed to clean even the hardest working wheels!

Wheels are under constant bombardment from hot particles such as brake dust and filings. These bond with the wheel lacquer and encourage dirt build up. Whilst acid or alkaline-based wheel cleaners are effective they can attack lacquer and paint finishes if mis-used or left to dwell for too long.

Like acid based cleaners, Auto Wheel actively shrinks dirt and contaminant particles allowing them to be released from the surrounding lacquer but without causing the risk of causing damage to the wheel finish in the process. This function, together with a strong degreasing action results in sparkling clean wheels!

  • Use when wheels are cool
  • Spray liberally over wheel surface ensuring good coverage
  • Leave to dwell for 2 - 5 minutes depending on ambient air temperature
  • Colour change from clear to deep purple indicates product is working
  • Rinse when no further colour deepening occurs
  • Agitate with brush for very dirty wheels
  • Safe on wide range of surfaces including paints, lacquers, alloys & steel
  • Download: Auto Express Wheel Cleaner Test Winner

Sizes: 1 Litre Trigger Spray or 5 Litres (Choose from drop down menu above)

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Product Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about this product - write your own review

Simply the BEST! five stars
by Frank, 20 Jun 2018

This is truly a miracle product. I have bought so many wheel cleaners over the years and this is the first one that does exactly what it says it does. Not only can it be used on wheels but the bodywork too. I have a white car and noticed tiny orange dots which I tried to remove with wax and tar removers but no joy! As soon as I sprayed this on the bodywork the spots bled purple and without agitation, I jet washed the car and 95% of them had disappeared.

Superb Wheel Cleaner! five stars
by Scott, 09 Apr 2016

I tried this product after recommendation from other 3 Series forum members. It's fantastic and couldn't believe how well it worked! I'm ashamed to say that my car had not been cleaned for 3 weeks so I thought this would be a good test for the wheel cleaner. I sprayed on, waited for 5 mins and until it turned dark red then just jet washed off. About 99% off the dirt came off without agitation! I just flicked over a couple of small sections with the wheel woolies and my wheels were like brand new. I definitely recommend and wouldn't use any other brand in future.

The easiest wheel cleaner out there five stars
by Jeremy, 26 Nov 2015

I've used a number of different brands of wheel cleaner over the years and this is by far the easiest to work with. Spraying the entire wheel and leaving for a few minutes before power washing off normally removes 90% of the crud. I then target any remaining bits with a quick spray and use the wheel woolies to agitate it a little. Once you've got the wheels clean, in future washes, they only need a quick spray and rinse.

Best there is five stars
by Wilco, 01 May 2015

Quite simply the best wheel cleaner/iron remover combined on the market.

Hands Down the best for deep clean without scrubbing five stars
by Angus Houston, 30 Apr 2015

I used this on the alloys of my wifes school run 4x4 which had been regularly washed but the tight corners had accumulated a huge amount of burn on black dust. I simply sprayed on and left for 5mins and rinsed off 90% of the filth, the remaining 10 % came off with light wiping using a microfibre. Genuinely like new condition, If I had used any other cleaner it would have meant scrubbing and probably scratching the finish. As we know a car with spotless wheels and dressed tyres looks so much better regardless of how clean the glass and paintwork is. Recommended!

As good as the reviews say! four stars
by Mubzi, 13 Mar 2015

After much deliberation I decided to go for another Bilt-Hamber product, a trade-off of trusted brand vs. price. Put it to work straight away on a customers alloys which were coated in mud, grime and brake dust. More than anything, it's just fascinating/uber satisfying to watch it turn a dark purple-ish colour as it begins to react with the contaminants. I've not had a chance to compare it to other big name brands yet so I can only give it 4 stars but it worked very well. I needed to re-apply it a couple of times, but without using a wheel brush I think that's to be expected. I'd agree with other reviewers that the smell is somewhat horrific but if you can get past that I'd highly recommend this

I'd forgotten how good this is five stars
by Bill, 08 Dec 2014

I recently bought this again. Last time I ran out of Auto-Wheel I bought a big supply of some other wheel cleaner from Halfords that I just had to use up (having paid for it). Using Auto-Wheel again reminds me why I liked it in the first place - it clings very well, does that reassuring colour changing trick and leaves the wheels looking good.

It really is that good. five stars
by Martin, 13 Sep 2014

What a fantastic product. Cleans wheels brilliantly. I have been driving nearly 30 years and have always cleaned my cars. I have tried many wheel cleaners, the Auto wash is by far the best and its biodegradable. Easy to use also. Only negative ( trying to be a through review) is the smell and also the sprayer on the 1 litre bootle is very poor quality, I've used cheaper cleaners with better sprayers.

outstanding wheel cleaner five stars
by Stephen, 13 Jul 2014

This is the first review I have written. This product is stunning. I was very cynical at first and did not think it would be as good as the manufacturer claimed. I tried it on my new Audi plus several other older cars with ground in black on the wheels. Every time with little effort the wheels were restored to looking new. Unbelievable.... truly unbelievable. buy this and lots of it and never use another product as nothing will be as good as this - use with a jet washer for best results....

WOW - never seen anything like this before! five stars
by Gordon, 17 Jul 2013

I bought this to try to get years of build up off of alloy wheels and what a job it did. Quick spray, wait 5 mins then power wash off, almost everything was gone. A second very light spray and 1 minute per wheel with a soft brush and the wheels look like new, it even removed the build up from the inside of the wheels. I'll be doing a light spray each week and I bet I never need the brush again.

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