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Angelwax Car Cleaning Products | Made In UK

Introducing Angelwax. A well-known manufacturer of vehicle detailing products with a reputation for providing goods of the highest calibre and effectiveness. Angelwax offers you the very best car detailing products, made to match your needs. So whether you're trying to restore the paintwork or are just looking to improve the gloss, Angelwax will have you covered.

At Angelwax, they take great pride in offering their customers the best outcomes possible. Utilising only the greatest ingredients and best chemical engineering techniques. Users conclude that every product manufactured demonstrates their dedication to excellence.

History of Angelwax

Angelwax was founded in Scotland in 2006 by a car enthusiast and chemist who believed in improving the quality of detailing products available. Their products set out to deliver exceptional results, without braking the bank or being unsafe for the home use. Over the years Angelwax has grown to customers in over 50 countries and is now recognised as a global brand.

Angelwax Products

Angelwax offers a range of products for the needs of every car owner. Their product line includes everything you would need for detailing a car or any vehicle. From waxes, sealants, shampoos and accessories, all formulated or carefully selected to deliver you the results needed.

A popular product is Angelwax Resurrection, a cutting-edge paint restorer that can revive faded and tired paintwork. Angelwax Regenerate is another one of their popular products; designed to remove swirl marks and other imperfections from your vehicle's paint for that deep gloss finish.

One of their best-selling products for a number of years is Angelwax H2GO; a hydrophobic glass sealant that repels water and dirt to keep your windscreen cleaner for longer. Another shout out is Angelwax Enigma series for ceramic coatings that provide protection and durability to all aspects of the car even your tyres.

Performance and Quality

Angelwax use only the finest raw materials in their products, and with constantly R&D produce new formulations year-on-year to push detailing technology even further. All products are to give you the user exceptional results and most importantly high levels of satisfaction with those results.

But how long does Angelwax last?" Depends on the specific product chosen or even the conditions that product will be put through, it is difficult to say. However, Angelwax products are designed to last for several weeks to months, under normal circumstances to provided you with long-lasting protection and gloss for your vehicle.

Angelwax, provide car enthusiasts with the best possible results using the best technology and process for their products. If you are new to detailing or have been in the game for years, you will not be disappointed with the range of products Angelwax has to offer you.