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Chemical Guys - Premium Automotive Detailing Products. At Ultimate Finish, we feature the best from Chemical Guys UK in our online store available for you whenever you need it. Chemical Guys is a premium brand of car detailing chemicals & accessories. They understand the unique needs of all car owners who just love to keep their car looking its best. With such a global reach, Chemical Guys has become a trusted brand for all things detailing and car care.

Where and who are Chemical Guys?

Chemical Guys was founded in 1968 based in California USA. As a family-owned and operated business it and has expanded to offer a wide range of automotive detailing products globally.

We hold a vast array of their chemicals, but our collection also includes some of their best known products.

  • Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner, cleans and conditions all leather surfaces; gentle, yet effective at removing dirt, oil, and other contaminants without damaging the leather.
  • Chemical Guy's New Car Smell, give your car that fresh, just-off-the-lot scent? Look no further than Chemical Guys New Car Smell spray, which captures the essence of a new car with a long-lasting fragrance.
  • Chemical Guys Hydro Series: Hydrophobic technology is the future of car care, and Hydro products are at the forefront of this innovative trend. From hydrophobic hybrid ceramic coatings to hydrophobic car shampoos. Chemical Guy's selection of Hydro products will help protect your vehicle from the elements for longer. Take their HydroSuds car wash shampoos; wash after wash applying a layer of hydrophobic properties to your car.

The range of Chemical Guys cleaning products truly has everything you need to achieve a showroom-worthy shine. They are even supplied as OEM to some of the world's best-known car manufacturers. With an emphasis on giving back to and improving the lives of the car enthusiast and the detailing community, Chemical Guys is more than just a product range, it’s a lifestyle brand with a loyal worldwide following.

Why Choose Chemical Guys?

You will get constant development of products and new technology coming through their range on a seasonal basis. They have their tried and tested formulas, but they are also willing to push the boundary on what can be done for your car detailing routine. When you choose Chemical Guys, you can expect quality. All their products are designed to deliver exceptional results. Innovation that drives the industry forward. A commitment to customer service that puts your needs first.

We are proud to offer the best of Chemical Guys UK Online. From pads, Mr Pink and Foaming Citrus to Extreme Leather Cleaner, Hydro and beyond, we have everything you need to keep your vehicle looking its best. Browse our selection today and experience Chemical Guys.