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ChipEx Paint Chip Repair Systems

ChipEx Paint Repair System

Chipex Paint Chip Repair System. ChipEx is a revolutionary and easy-to-use alternative to cheap and ineffective touch-up pens or expensive and poorly completed 'smart repairs'.

The ChipEx Paint Repair System uses the specific manufacturer paint code to hand-make a repair kit, guaranteeing a 100% identical colour match for a seamless result. The system arrives complete with a container of paint premixed with clear coat lacquer, so there’s no need to apply a top coat. Also supplied is a paint blending solution, the better to alleviate the scars of paint chips, scratches and ‘road rash’, without the need for the costly intervention of a body shop.

How Does Chipex work?

You’ll need details of your vehicle’s paint colour, called an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) code. This series of numbers and letters is your formulation code - Chipex use these details to exactly match your car’s colour.

Chipex has been tested and certified by TUV, the German testing agency, and works extremely well on stone chips and small scratches and will also significantly improve scuffs.

Its specially patented and formulated additive hardens paint once it has cured, which, depending on the weather conditions, can take around two-four weeks.