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Welcome to Ultimate Finish, your one-stop shop for Dodo Juice auto maintenance items. Dodo Juice is a well-known auto care company recognised for its unique and high-quality products. Dodo Juice has a long history spanning over 20 years and has established itself as a trusted name among car fans and experts all around the world. We are proud to have worked with Dodo Juice since their humble beginnings and can offer you a wide selection of Dodo Juice's exceptional car cleaning and detailing solutions. Popular items like Red Mist, Apple iFoam, Buff Daddy, Supernatural Leather Cleaner, Total Wipe Out, Sour Power, Fabricadabra and Clearly Menthol as an authorised reseller. The Dodo’s success comes from having created a comprehensive car care range that performs brilliantly - and at the right price. They’re also responsible for injecting a healthy dose of fun into detailing!

Although once extinct, The Dodo is now attempting world domination and several of their products including the rather good accessory products, such as the Captain Crevice Wheel Mitt and Born To Be Mild Shampoo; both have won awards with many detailing forums, including the hugely popular Detailing World. Dodo Juice is a detailing range providing outstanding results for professionals and enthusiasts alike. If that's not enough to join the Dodo Juice crew, just read through some of the product names for a good laugh, a true representation of the Dodo Juice team and their creativity.


  Where is Dodo Juice made?

  • Dodo Juice products are designed, blended and bottles in Essex, England. Dodo Juice has been committed to quality and workmanship from their beginning, ensuring that each product is meticulously created and made to meet the greatest standards.

  Is Supernatural Leather Cleaner good?

  • Dodo Juice's Supernatural Leather Cleaner is an Auto Express Award Winning leather clean and rejuvenator leather surfaces. This premium leather cleaner is made with mild yet efficient chemicals that remove dirt, grime, and light stains without hurting the delicate leather top coat. With Supernatural Leather Cleaner, you can be confident that your leather surfaces will be properly cared for.

  Are Dodo Juice Waxes good?

  • Dodo Juice is well-known for making high-quality waxes that have a cult following among car enthusiasts. Dodo Juice waxes are carefully hand blended and poured to assure the top grade carnauba wax is consistent in each and every pot. With colour specific waxes to match the colour of the car you can produce a deep shine with even a single layer.

  Is Dodo Juice good for car cleaning?

  • Absolutely! Dodo Juice is committed to offering high-quality solutions for car enthusiasts' cleaning needs. Dodo Juice provides a broad variety of car care solutions that give results immediately, from shampoos such as Sour Power to wheel cleaners, award-winning interior cleansers to snow foams. You can trust Dodo Juice to provide your automobile the care and attention it deserves.

At Ultimate Finish, we encourage you to browse our extensive variety of Dodo Juice car care products and see the impact they can make in improving the appearance of your vehicle. Dodo Juice is committed to providing great quality, creativity, and results that will elevate your car detailing routine.