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Meguiars, the largest detailing brand in the UK, has been growing since it was founded in 1901 by Frank Meguiar Junior. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, they truly have stood the test of time by understanding your car detailing needs. Nearly every detailer or valeter in the country will have a bottle of Meguiars. Be it the classic Ultimate Compound or the latest in the Ceramic Range.

The team know that both professionals and car enthusiast truly want their cars to stand out from the crowd. To achieve this, they work with some of the best chemists around the world to create unique blends of ingredients; giving you the complete finish you desire and without breaking the bank. It is easy to create the world's best wheel cleaning if your budget is unlimited; but to create one which is also cost-effective is always a challenge. Meguiars are known for their technical professional series of detailing products. They have used these to create your core enthusiasts products; such as the new Hybrid Ceramic Detailer or their award-winning and best-selling Endurance Tyre Dressing.

A Little History

Created by Frank Meguiar Jr, Meguiar’s car care products began life as a true cottage industry: involving the whole family, they created their first Meguiar’s polish at home, in the bathtub! Although their manufacturing processes will have evolved significantly over the years, Meguiar's is still a family-owned and operated business!

Although originally developed for wooden horseboxes, Meguiar’s foresaw the rise in popularity of the car, and turned product development towards that associated with modern cars. Frank Jr adhered to his conviction to never sell a product unless he believed it was the very best product in its class. Four generations later, Barry Meguiar remains true to that ideology. He has spent many years sharing his love for detailing, travelling all over the world, supporting car clubs, events and automotive heritage museums. In 2000 at the 50th anniversary of the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance event, 21 out of the 25 ‘Best In Class‘ winners all achieved their look using Meguiar’s products.

Over 120 years of car care experience combined with, true passion and relentless research; has led to Meguiar’s being one of the most comprehensive and popular ranges available today. So why wait? Start taking the first step towards a car that looks new for years to come!


  Which Meguiar's product gives the best shine?

  • Shine comes from three elements, cleanliness, clarity, and enhancement. Cleanliness you need to insure after a decontamination wash to use a Meguiars Clay Kit to remove the in-ground dirt stopping some reflection. Next a good polishing stages such as Ultimate Compound followed by Ultimate Polish to remove swirls that scatter the light around. Finally, enhance the gloss you have created with a deep wax or hybrid ceramic.

  Is Meguiar's a good brand?

  • Meguiar's with over 100 years of car detailing and valeting knowledge, they are always producing new lines of products to keep up with technological advances in both car lacquer and raw ingredient improvement. With millions to try and test their product they must be doing something right with that longevity

  What is the longest lasting Meguiar's product?

  • The new Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic range has the longest lasting protection of all their product but that being said the Ultimate Paste Wax is still a favourite amongst enthusiasts with is ultra deep gloss look.

  Is Meguiars Endurance Tyre Dressing the best?

  • Meguiar's Endurance Tyre Gel has been a finalist and winner in virtually every mainstream tyre dressing competition. Best is preference to gloss level finish and application preferences but if you are just starting out this is the one to try first.

Keep up to date with Ultimate Finish and Meguiar's by checking out What's New in their range with at least half a few major releases and upgrades a season. Plus updated versions and tweaked formulas, there really is a perfect product for each and every car lover.