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POLISHANGEL - Exclusive to Ultimate Finish; ‘Made in Germany’ usually proves to be a pretty good way to start things off doesn’t it? You can assume that development and testing of a product is likely to have been done to a very high standard, with end results to match. Well, this is all too true when it comes to innovative car care product specialists POLISHANGEL.

Straight out of Bavaria – also the birthplace of German car institution BMW – POLISHANGEL abide by their ‘two laws’. To provide customers with amazing results and include amazing hydrophobicity (water beading). On top of those two objectives, there is also product application. All products have been engineered in such a way to ensure that application is and must always be, extremely easy. We can certainly vouch for all of the above.

‘Beading’ Popular! It hasn’t taken POLISHANGEL too long to quickly become one of our top-tier product offerings and there can be little doubt this is largely thanks to their mastering of the water beading effect; combined with those easy product application methods we’ve already touched upon. POLISHANGEL quite rightly point out, that one of the most important aspects and overall goals of anyone carrying out car care is not just to achieve a high shine finish. It’s that super-satisfying water bead finish which comes with it. Hydrophobicity is in the POLISHANGEL DNA. Maximum beading, maximum gloss and easy application.

Handmade to Order There is an exclusivity which comes with the POLISHANGEL brand too. Unlike many other brands which are often created for the mass market, ordered in bulk and end up sitting in warehouses for a long time, POLISHANGEL make their products by hand, to order. They even pop a little tagged seal on every bottle shipped, so you know exactly when it was made – their products generally come with a 2-year shelf life; which tends to be more than enough given how addictive they are to use!

Vibrant Gloss The Carnauba Arts range combines colour-coded carnauba flake to produce deep, vibrant gloss. The Carnaubaflockencreme range is also colour-coded and, being a hybrid of ceramic elements with carnauba flake, produces a wet-look shine with added longevity. Non-colour specific sealants are also available, including the durable Viking Shield, designed to withstand the testing winter conditions found in Scandinavia, and Glasscoat Cosmic for the ultimate in colour-enhancing protection.

The secret to the popularity of POLISHANGEL is ease of use – the crème formulations of the wax sealants make them effortless to apply and even easier to buff to a high shine. Completing the range is a selection of wash products, along with trim, wheel and glass cleaners and sealants and all the other items required to keep your vehicle in showroom condition.