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Scangrip UK LED Rechargable Detailing Lights

Scangrip manufactures a range of LED rechargeable work lights for the detailing and automotive industry. Taking into account the specialist nature of detailing and designing a range of high-intensity lighting that can be positioned and manoeuvred around as required.

Using Ultra-High CRI+ COB (chip on board) LED technology, Scangrip lighting provides the ultimate range of colours and brightness. From 2500K-6500K (lighting colour) perfectly illuminates defects, no matter the colour of paintwork being corrected. All Scangrip lights are robustly constructed, carrying dust and waterproof IP ratings IP65 or above. Fixed lamps also carry a shockproof rating of IK07. Add together the quick recharge and operating times; you will have an LED light which will be there for you whenever needed. Their lights are recognized for their durability, versatility, and innovative features that make them ideal for use in demanding environments.

Whether you require a small handheld light for spot inspection or full stand mounted all day lighting for detailing studios; Scangrip provides professional solutions to suit every situation, even an I-Match head torch for easy interior cleaning.

All LED lights are designed with the latest features, such as Bluetooth controls, motion sensors, magnetic mounts, and long-lasting batteries. Many LED workshop lights only come with a few of these features. Scangrip appreciate that when you are detailing a car for several hours, these small features really add up.

What detailing LED light do I need?

The most versatile is the Sunmatch, with the hand held or magnetic mount, you can utilize it for spot inspection or general lighting of the paintwork. With a standard 3 hours or up to 10 hours use you will only need to charge it after a few cars.

For larger studio lighting requirements the Multimatch is the most popular unit to hand. Both tripod or wheel stand mountable and CRI+ Rechargeable LED, this will light up the car exactly where you need it hand free.