Kamikaze Collection Sealant & Wax Application Instructions

While the majority of Kamikaze Collection products are available for enthusiasts and detailers to purchase, the professional-only coatings, ZIPANG & ENREI Coat are available exclusively to Certified Detailers.

The specific application procedures remain key to the performance of the professional coatings, all of which we are going to cover in full in this article, along with Kamikaze’s other sealant and wax solutions.

ZIPANG Coat (Kamikaze Collection Certified Detailers Only)

Miyabi Coat Graphene Pro (Kamikaze Collection Certified Detailers Only)

ENREI Coat (Kamikaze Collection Certified Detailers Only)

Miyabi Coat

Miyabi Coat

ISM Coat 3.0 Hydrocarbon Coating

ISM Coat 3.0

Infinity Wax

Infinity Wax

Post-Treatment Maintenance With The Anti-Aging Kit

Anti-Aging Kit

An important part of ensuring super-quality ceramic sealants continue to deliver robust durability and an aesthetically pleasing performance is the careful maintenance of the surfaces in the weeks and months that follow a new coating. Kamikaze Collection Anti-Aging products provide the perfect wash maintenance system to ensure your ceramic coated vehicle is looked after in the right way to stay in good health. Available as a Complete Kit or individually as listed below.

No.1 Anti-Aging Shampoo – Kamikaze Collection Anti-Aging Shampoo has been formulated with these challenges in mind. Instead of clogging the pores of the nano-coating layer, Anti-Aging Shampoo lifts out dirt. Using a chemical reaction, Anti-Aging Shampoo restores the water beading function, removing inorganic contamination and even eliminating existing water spot marks.

No.2 Water Spot Remover – Water Spot Remover has been formulated without the use of heavy cleaners or surfactants and can be used on untreated automotive surfaces without damaging any underlying ceramic sealants.

No.3 Over Coat – Re-engineered formulation which encourages water to bead even more prolifically to provide Kamikaze’s best ever sacrificial coating for ceramic sealants.

No.4 Anti-Aging Treatment – Recognised as a treatment because the performance is in effect a sacrificial film, Anti-Aging Treatment contains surfactants that do not penetrate into painted surfaces and acts as a ‘top up’ sealant during the wash stage.

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